[personal] Dreaming of superheroism

Odd, extended dream last night, in which I was some kind of revisionist superhero with a flipflopping moral alignment. I helped a similarly superpowered John Scalzi hijack a plane in my dreams, there was significant activity in a high end Mexican restaurant, and I had to build a gundam. All while wearing pink tights, a green cape and trying to be inconspicuous.

I can’t even begin to interpret this one, but it was highly entertaining.

One thought on “[personal] Dreaming of superheroism

  1. Stevie says:

    I too woke up feeling somewhat odd, since I opened my eyes, said ‘Screw Antarctica’ or words to that effect, and shut them again, having realised that night time brain had processed what was bothering me about the whole thing.

    It doesn’t excite me.

    You are the archetypal postmodernist guy who has a postmodernist ambition. It will be physically arduous in some respects, but intellectually you will still be inside your comfort zone; you live now and in the future, and deep time is not real for you.

    I am not a morning person, and I strongly dislike heights, but one of the most memorable days of my life involved me getting up at 3 am, nearly falling into the Nile, twice, whilst crossing the river, and then standing in the basket listening to the roar of the burners as the balloon literally went up, waiting for my Horus eye view as the sun rose over one of the remaining wonders of the human shaped world.

    Egypt is deep time; tourists have been visiting it for millennia. Alexander the Great had a chapel added to the temple of Luxor, built long before that by Hatshepsut amongst others. The child might like to know that 3,5000 years ago the civilised world was ruled by a woman; her funerary temple is pretty damn impressive from every angle but the view from the sky is sublime.

    So, if the postmodern plan doesn’t work out remember deep time; depending on the creativity of your accountant you might even get a tax break on essential research into the rise and fall of empires…

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