[cancer] More on the current bout of side effects

Here’s the most cogent thing I can say about the weekend’s lower GI distress:

I’ve lost five pounds since Friday morning.

I spent yesterday laying low. GI was quieter, but only in a relative sense. By even my ordinary daily standards (still a pretty low bar in this season of chemotherapy) it continued ugly. Just not as overwhelming as the previous two days.

This also seriously interferes with my sleep, as the cramping and frequent need to step into the bathroom wake me up multiple times per night. And I know from long experience that sleep loss is the real danger.

Today I feel battered, worn, and spacey. Also, the cramping and ongoing movements continue so far at the same pace and intensity as yesterday, so it’s not over. On the plus side, even more fervid dreams, including being trapped in an elevator, being at a Christian orgy, and road tripping along the south coast of Australia.

So it’s not all bad.

What I worry about the most, honestly, is losing too much writing time. And I’m very tired of feeling awful.