[cancer] Chemo 7, Day 1

  • Breakfast with Dad
  • Infusion center
  • Drugs
  • Sleep
  • More drugs
  • More sleep
  • Ride home with Dad
  • Veg in front of TV with [info]thtillyjane
  • More sleep
  • Veg in front of TV with [info]thtillyjane and [info]the_child
  • Very limited nausea
  • More sleep

Today: lather, rinse, repeat, except for not going into the infusion center.

I hope y’all are enjoying your days more than I’m enjoying mine.

One thought on “[cancer] Chemo 7, Day 1

  1. I am enjoying my day so far, especially since at least an hour of it will probably be spent reading about Green. 🙂

    FInd some good moments in your day, ok?

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