[cancer] Chemo session seven, day two

Yesterday I mostly slept, watch some NetFlix streaming, plus Ghostbusters and Fast, Cheap, and Out of Control. Today, more of the same. Pump will come off fairly early in the day, but my lethargy will certainly continue.

Hope you’re having a better weekend than I.

2 thoughts on “[cancer] Chemo session seven, day two

  1. My weekend actually has gone a bit like yours, but you’re usually much more productive than I am. I imagine one of the most horrifying parts of this must be the fact that you were actually wasting time with Netflix instead of writing half of a novel in the same amount of time. 😉

    Don’t worry. The cancer’s ass will be thoroughly kicked, and you can cancel your Netflix subscription unless you really, really want to watch Killer Clowns from Outer Space a thirtieth time.

    (As a side note: My current favorite Netflix indulgence is MST3K’d horror movies from the fifties. I just watched Horrors of Spider Island and marveled, I mean MARVELED, at the insane outdated sexism. Not like our horror movies now are great about it, but back then they were vomitously, egregiously misogynist. It’s a bit refreshing to see how far we’ve come.)

    1. Jay says:

      I should try those 50s classic…

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