[cancer|writing] Chugging along

My little pea brain, fogged in by chemo, is still producing fiction at least a bit longer than I originally expected. In the past two days I’ve managed 4,500 words on a short story, which I reasonably hope to finish in first draft today at around 6,000 words or perhaps a bit more. I’m rather pleased with myself.

After that, I’ll be back on the novel outline I’ve been poking at with J.A. Pitts, and/or Sunspin revisions once la agente gives me her feedback on Calamity of So Long a Life. My first (well, now second) readers continue to like the book. And even as my right brain lurches off into bogging down territory thanks to chemo, I’ll have my left brain(ish) revision skills a bit longer. Maybe we can get that darned thing to market this fall yet.

Mostly, though, it’s good to still be writing at all. My assumption since the chemo was first scheduled was that I’d be shut down by October. I’m perfectly happy to have an extension of that.

So, write more. What else?

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  1. KT says:

    That’s great, glad to hear it and very much look forward to the short story.

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