[tech] Blogging from an undisclosed computer

I’m working on a Windows machine today. Where I have none of my bookmark lists, backfiles, blogging templates, etc. So grr.

Took the MacBook Pro into the Apple store at Pioneer Place yesterday afternoon. That was hard, on chemo I don’t do well in the afternoons. I waited half an hour before I could talk to anyone, well past my appointed time. And frankly, the guy was baffled. He didn’t listen very well to my descriptions of the virtual memory problems, and I don’t think he understood everything I told him. The problems, of course, would not replicate on the bench, despite appearing like clockwork here at home. They did find a battery problem (almost certainly unrelated to the VM issues), and I had an old problem with the case, so they kept the machine for hardware repairs, and supposedly some additional attention from a more experienced Genius Bar genius.

All in all, it was by far the least satisfactory Genius Bar experience I’ve ever had. Essentially, I have a problem which can both render the computer unusable, and lock up the boot cycle so there’s no way to get into it without specialized hardware and software. And the Genius Bar can neither understand the problem nor fix it. So what the heck do I do?

In a sense, I’ll be rescued by the arrival of my MacBook Air early next week. But this computer won’t be useful to me or anyone else (I was going to pass it on to [info]the_child and sell her old one, my MacBook from four years ago, but I can’t give her a computer that goes into VM hell every couple of days). Meanwhile, this chemo weekend I’ll be largely offline, except for maybe a blog post or two from the PC.