[conventions] I’m going to ConFusion

Thanks to the good offices and extreme generosity of anonymous persons with discriminating tastes, I will be a surprise (to me) guest at Epic ConFusion in January.

This will be my first post-chemotherapy convention appearance, so I’ll be running a bit low and slow. Still, I’ll be there from Thursday evening til Sunday midday, and am really looking forward to experiencing the hospitality of a whole new-to-me community. I’ll be on programming, and make myself available in the bar and at parties to the degree my post-chemo energy permits, so if you’re a Midwestern/East Coast reader or writer who wants to connect, please, seek me out. It’s what I’ll be there for. To see you.

Note that I went to ReaderCon last year in part to start meeting more fans and writers who are not West Coast based, in order to know the SF/F community better. When the generous offer to bring me to ConFusion to meet some Midwest fandom and writerdom was tendered, I could hardly say no.

And thank you to those of you for whom thanks is due.

2 thoughts on “[conventions] I’m going to ConFusion

  1. Laurie Mann says:

    Confusion is a blast. We haven’t been in a few years, but that sure gives us another reason to go. See if anyone can get you over to Zingerman’s in Ann Arbor, one of the best delis anywhere!

  2. Con-fusion is a great little convention. It has a nice mix of programming, gaming, and other events. See you there.

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