[funny] Conversations in Omaha

On the way out of my hotel yesterday morning to head for work, I stopped to chat with the day manager, who was taking over from the night clerk. (I stay there so often we’ve all been on a first name basis for years.) We were discussing my burgeoning head of hair, and I mentioned that I’d managed to save the chest port from the recent surgery to remove it. We also talked about the fact that I had samples of my liver and my colon at home. She said, “Only a man would do that.” I said, “I carried this stuff around in my body for months and years. Don’t women keep their children?”

Later that same day, talking to a woman at the Day Jobbe office about the pronounciation of her unusual surname, she said to, “Yes, sometimes I look in the phone book for dates. I like to pick men with easy last names.” This cracked me up.

Ah, Omaha. Comedy gold.

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  1. Pam Adams says:

    My left foot/ankle is held together with screws and a plate. One of the screws had to be removed, and I keep it in a jar on my desk. (right next to the heart of a child!)

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