[food] The One True Girl Scout Cookie

Hard on the heels of the recent Pop-Tart fracas, the question of the One True Girl Scout Cookie has arisen, whilst on a recent hiking trip. Disagreements were expounded. Hard words were said. Faces were turned away.

Once again, the mighty power of the Internets must be invoked to deal with a critical question of our times. What is the One True Girl Scout Cookie?

The poll is here.

Once the poll has run for a few days, I’ll make a post tallying up the results, and also revealing which Girl Scout cookie I personally favor.

Mmm, Girl Scout cookies.

2 thoughts on “[food] The One True Girl Scout Cookie

  1. Terry says:

    Is it possible I’m the first one to comment? Huh.

    I miss their old Savanaah cookies. I can’t imagine why they discontinued those, they were my absolute favorites!

  2. Brian says:

    Bring back the REAL lemon coolers. New imitations just don’t stand up!!!!

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