[links] Link salad wanders through Sunday morning

This ain’t no witch hunt — Ridiculous defenses of sock puppeting.

Who Stole the Global Strategic Maple Syrup Reserve? And How?

NASA’s Opportunity discovers ‘blueberries’ on Mars

“Wasteful” science that wasn’t: New prize honors US-funded basic researchThe award emphasizes how federal science funding boosts the economy. The tide “always comes in, and always goes out. You can’t explain that.” That’s all the science conservatives need.

Do you weigh more or less after you fart? — A Straight Dope classic, and a subject on which I have actually spent some meaningful time thinking.

The Stamp that Almost Caused a War Philately is a tried and tested means for countries to vent their irredentist feelings.

Mitt Romney and Ronald Reagan: could 2012 be like 1980?A Reagan myth is that he roared back to a late win against Carter. But Romney may take more heart from Ford’s 1976 loss.

Conservatives bash media for being mean to Mitt RomneyBut all of this skirts the thing that made Romney’s comments problematic, which is what he said: His accusation that the Obama administration sympathized with the embassy attackers.

Mitt Romney, LiquidationistSo where are Romney and his party coming from? Basically, they’ve thrown out 80 years of economic analysis and evidence because it doesn’t fit their ideological preconceptions. That would be true of almost all conservative positions: ignoring evidence in favor of ideological preconceptions. At least they’re consistent…

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