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[cancer] Things I want to do before I die

Things I want to do before I die, time, health and funds permitting:

  • Take a long road trip through the American west with [info]the_child
  • Take [info]the_child to New Zealand to visit [info]danjite and [info]khaybee.
  • Take [info]the_child to Antarctica.
  • Visit the railroad graveyard in Uyuni, Bolivia with a really good camera in hand.
  • Visit the city of Petra in Jordan.
  • Go back to Taiwan (where I was born and spent my grade school years) one more time.
  • Write (well, finish) Original Destiny, Manifest Sin.
  • Write (well, finish) Jay Lake’s Book of the Dead.
  • See [info]the_child graduate from high school.

With the exception of writing one or both books, none of these are likely to happen for a bunch of very good reasons, money and time especially, but they’re what’s on my mind. Funny how they’re almost all travel-oriented.

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