[fiction] Short stories from Original Destiny, Manifest Sin

A couple of folks asked about details on the short fiction which has been published from the continuity of Original Destiny, Manifest Sin, the Old West fantasy/alternate history novel I plan to resume writing in mid-April. Here’s what has been published:

  • “Jefferson’s West” — Boondocks Fantasy, ed. Jean Rabe — Not currently available online, but a pretty thorough review can be found here.
  • “The Dying Dream of Water” — Flytrap #3 — Reprinted on my blog here.
  • “The Hangman Isn’t Hanging” — Lone Star Stories issue 9 — Originally appearing online here.

More to come, sooner or later.

2 thoughts on “[fiction] Short stories from Original Destiny, Manifest Sin

  1. Gideon says:

    Just discovered your stuff. Really really love it. Want to read the rest of this novel. May not get the chance. Fuck. More sorry than I can say.

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