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[cancer] Who wants to live forever?

Who wants to live forever? Not me, apparently.

I’ll make a more detailed post tomorrow, but the short form version is that I have a large mass in my peritoneum, two inches or more in size, along with another somewhat smaller mass. These are more omental tumors. Multiple masses of various sizes spread throughout my liver, some of them confirmed tumors, some of them suspected. Also two spots in my right lung which are suspected tumors. Tumors this widespread are not subject to surgical treatment. Not to mention which my liver is too fragile for further surgery in any case.

We are starting me on Regorafenib later this month. The hoped for outcome of this treatment is six to twelve months of life extension through arresting tumor growth and further development. If the Regorafenib is ineffective, or when its efficacy drops off, I can expect about three months of decent quality of life, followed by six to nine months of decline, ending in death. In the mean time, of course, I will have to tolerate the rather substantial side effects of the drug.

In other words, I will most likely die within nine to twenty-four months from now, depending on Regorafenib’s effectiveness. I will never again be out of treatment or free of cancer.

This is my terminal diagnosis. We will continue to push as much as possible for further treatment and life extension, but I’m on the last plane out. Just remains to be seen how long the flight is.

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