[events] Rio Hondo, day three

More critique yesterday. More food. More fun. My Aunt M—, who lives in Colorado, turned up with pies. @dratz of Waterloo Productions arrived last night to shoot some Lakeside footage here at Rio Hondo.

My METAtropolis: Green Space novella “Rock of Ages” is being critiqued tomorrow. This means I don’t have to do any critical reading today, so I’m cooking momos [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ] for tonight’s dinner.

Still struggling a bit with the altitude. Had a terrible night’s sleep last night. I did okay the night before, thanks to my friend Lorazepam, and will probably have to do that again tonight. And I regret not being able to go out hiking here during the day, as my UV issues from Vectibix linger on.

All that being said, I am very glad to be here.

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