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[personal] Happy my birthday to you

Today is my thirteenth 37th birthday. I am turning 49.

Hilariously, yesterday afternoon, when it was already today (yesterday’s tomorrow) in New Zealand and Australia, friends over there began posting birthday wishes to my Facebook and Twitter. Folks here in the United States saw that and thought yesterday was my birthday. I find all this terribly cute, and a decidedly modern problem.

We’re having a team lunch at work today, and tonight here in Omaha is my birthday dinner.

There’s a lot of freight on this one. I happen to be here in Omaha on what is almost certainly my last trip ever to a city I have visited literally about one hundred different times. Chances are high I won’t live to see my fiftieth birthday, and if somehow I do, I expect to be quite ill at that point. So, well, here we are. Time to have a party while we still can.

Thank you everyone for coming along for the ride. If you can make it to JayFest, JayCon or JayWake, please do. I appreciate your good wishes and your encouragement.

And hey, it’s my birthday. Go do something nice for yourself today.

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