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[Cancer, Dreams]

[dreams|cancer] Doing good in the world, at least in my sleep

Last night I dreamt that I still had terminal cancer, and was being treated at NIH. In my dream, I’d dedicated the last of my energies to speaking and activism on the cause of spaying and neutering household pets.

Um. Wait, what?

Usually I don’t have a lot of trouble grokking the postcards from my subconscious that arrive in the form of dreams. Experiencing a lot of bafflement over this one.

I mean, I’ve always been a responsible pet owner, when I’ve had pets. I’m a big believer in spaying and neutering and animal health. However, that’s never been a top ten issue for me. If I were going to embark on a path of activism in real life at this stage of things, it would be all about disability processes and healthcare access.

So, yeah?

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