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[personal|tech] So done with LiveJournal

Once upon a time I blogged on my Web site with hand-coded HTML, back before there were blogs. Then I was on Speculations a while. The Blogspot and JournalScape. I moved to LiveJournal about ten years ago because that’s where a lot of the rest of the online SF/F community was going.

So I’ve been on LiveJournal a long time. I was so committed to the platform that I’m a permanent member. The version of my blog there is often in the top ten list of most-read LiveJournal accounts these days. (Which is more a comment on the decline of LiveJournal than on my actual popularity, I’m pretty sure.)

LiveJournal’s chronic problems with politically-motivated DDOS attacks from within the Russian hacking and intelligence communities have been annoying as heck. I’ve groused about it on a number of occasions, because I have neither the time nor the patience to spend forty-five minutes trying to perform what should be 90 seconds of posting activity. I’ve been convinced repeatedly that to abandon LiveJournal would be to give in to authoritarian cyberbullying.

Fair enough.

But this morning, when I tried to post Link Salad over there, I got this error message:

2013-12-29 LiveJournal Error Message

That is the world’s most useless error message. It tells me absolutely nothing about what is wrong.

When I tried to edit the entry, LiveJournal then went into some kind of lockout mode where I had to close the browser tab and start over. When I reposted the code from scratch in a new entry, I got the same damned error message, followed by the lockout.

My life is too short for this. Literally and figuratively. I’ve pretty much had it with LiveJournal weirdness. I hate to walk away from a presence where I have a large reading base and a long historical presence, but I simply can’t deal with this crap any more.

I am converting my LiveJournal presence to an RSS feed of my WordPress blog as soon as I can figure out how to manage that. (If someone reading here knows how to do that for me, I will gladly hand you the keys to the blog so you can do so.)

Been nice knowing you, LJ.

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