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[cancer|science] My entire genome has gone open source

I am pleased to say that one of the long-term results of the genetic testing fundraiser you guys participated in this past January, Sequence a Science Fiction Writer, is that the Personal Genome Project is now hosting my complete genetic sequence online as a UNIX .tar file. (Don’t click that link unless you want to download 200 gigabytes of compressed data.)

In other words, my entire genome has gone open source.

While I’m not absolutely certain this is true, it appears to be the first time that an entire human Whole Genome Sequencing data set has been released open source. If not the very first time, one of the first times. None of this would have been possible without all of you who helped make the fundraiser succeed.

For my own part, cancer will claim my life soon enough. Releasing my Whole Genome Sequence to the world is one small way I can fight back against the disease. Not directly, of course, but as a way of helping students and researchers around the world become smarter about human health and life in general.

Thank you.

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