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[cancer] Fundraiser: Science Fiction Author on Trial

It must be the season or something. I’m back off to NIH on Tuesday for surgery followed by some extensive and fairly brutal immunotherapy. As recently discussed, this is a very expensive process for me and my family. Not the treatments themselves, which are covered by NIH at no cost to me, but the expense of having my caregivers in Maryland for five weeks while I am being treated. Not to mention the expense already incurred during our two-week visit for enrollment.

I’ve discussed the costs in general here, and in more detail here. I’ve discussed what we’re doing, clinically and scientifically, here.

Shlom Ster has been kind enough to put together a fundraiser on Youcaring.com, where we held last year’s Sequence a Science Fiction Writer fund raiser. This year, we’re calling it Science Fiction Author on Trial (NIH trial, that is!).

Premiums are still being organized. There has been some excellent generosity from various donors, and I’ve put a dozen copies of The January Machine in myself. Hopefully by Monday that will all be up on the fundraising site.

I have very mixed feelings about tapping the generosity of my friends and fans again, but this is where we are. Still fighting for my life, slowly losing, but trying everything we can.

Thank you to everyone who gave last year, to everyone who’s already given this year (there has been some startling and heart warming generosity), and to everyone who’s helping pass the word.

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