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[trave] In the USA

Depends om hour ponit of view.

Flying from DCA (where I’ve been treated) to PDX (where I live) is like flying than the mileage from London to Eastern Turkmenistan. I simply could not find a simpler “Europe is This Small” illustration. while DC and Portland aren’t nearest the farthest apart in the Lower Forty-eight. Throw in Alaska, Hawaii, Purto Rico, U.s Virgin Islands, American Samoa and the odd bits of rick here there are everywhere, you go a long way in this country on domestic flight.

Which is my have had so much trouble flying these pat two go-rounds. Sitting coach for 5-6 hours is barking mad even with anyone’s knees, let alone my various surgical and digestive issues.

It a running gag that Europeans have history while Americans have geography. I just hope yose guys across te pond are smarter.



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