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[cancer] Making recovery progress

Jay’s doing better today, making slow progress toward recovery from all that this protocol has put his body through.

His cough is much improved, especially after one of the nurses figured out that he could take a cough syrup without codeine.  That made a huge difference.

He’s been taking ativan for nausea during the day, which drug has been knocking him out, but this morning he decided to skip that, so he’s been more focused and present and funny-snarky as a result. He still falls asleep at the drop of a hat, but is more here when he’s awake than he’s been in days.

This improvement can be best seen in his foray up to the NIH patient library, where he donated some of his works.

On the down side, his hair is finally starting to fall out, leaving his pillow looking like a large, dark cat slept on it. I held out a handful of hair to him at one point this morning and asked if we could make a new Jay if we gathered enough hair.  Himself was not amused, but I was.



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