[cancer] Things improving, but slowly and not steadily

Just wanted to send out a update on Jay.

His energy is still low, although I think he’s doing quite well for what he’s been through. Now that we’re at the coast, he’s moving around more; it was difficult to get good exercise at the house we were staying at before. We’re hoping to get Jay down to the boardwalk for a short jaunt sometime during our stay.


The food situation continues to be difficult. Some meals are a relative breeze, some are painful beyond measure. It’s literally a bite-to-bite struggle. We’ve changed around his med schedule, and have added ativan and compazine before each meal. These seem to have helped, but since what little progress we’re making is not at all in a straight line, it’s hard to tell.


We’re also treating meals as quiet time, as he seems to do better when he’s able to focus completely on the act of eating. We are eating early, when it’s quiet, to try and help that. Being at the coast during the off-season helps with that.


I’ve got a couple of other tricks up my sleeve, including having him brush his teeth before each meal so there’s no issue with mouth taste, and putting some vap-o-rub under his nose to cut down on smell issues. Whether any of these things will pan out remains to be seen.


If you have advice, please address it to me (radiantlisa at gmail) rather than to Jay. He is still very suggestible around food and eating, and even reading this kind of advice can be devastating to his equilibrium.  And I welcome advice, as I’m rapidly running out of ideas.