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[cancer] Latest update

So, things are still pretty grim and quiet on the homefront.

 Jay is still having food issues, and is sleeping almost all the time now.  He wakes up well enough to have a snack or to take his pills, but if he’s in the chair, he’s asleep.

He’s also having issues sleeping at night; I think some of that is physical comfort issues and some of it now is medication withdrawal.

This week he went to a hypnotherapist, which I think did wonders for him, and an acupuncturist. That latter was just this morning, so no way to tell if it had any effect. He’ll continue seeing both of them for the foreseeable future.

After the positive effect he saw from the hypnotherapy and his daily guided meditation from the hypnotherapist, we decided to take him off the anti-nausea drug that makes him so stupid and see how that went. It was going pretty well until today, with his three-times-a-week antibiotic dose.  We’ll see how it goes from here. But this is what’s affecting his sleep, as going off this drug has insomnia as a side effect.

He’s still not eating enough to keep his weight steady, and his appetite has definitely diminished after going off the one med, which is an expected effect.

Still hoping the hypnotherapy especially and the acupuncture will help to release him from the prison of not being able to eat.

More news as we know it …



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