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[cancer] Things I forgot in my previous post

Two things I meant to say in my previous post today, and just plain forgot.

The first is that while the NIH treatment didn’t work for Jay, the NIH docs did say that the data they got from his participation will be of great help with future patients. So Jay’s other stated goal of this trial was met: SCIENCE! This pleases Jay.

The second is that while we originally stated that there was a second trial that Jay would participate in if the first didn’t work, the reality is that his condition is so poor now that his participation in that trial would be miraculous. He would have to recover to the point of being almost normal again, and given how the tumors have progressed, I think this is highly unlikely. Not impossible, mind you, but not likely. None of us, the NIH docs included, realized just how debilitating the first trial would be for Jay.



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