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[cancer] Yet another update

The hospice nurse came to visit again yesterday and we talked about the fact that Jay is losing his ability to swallow. Where just a few days ago he could easily take in all the liquid nutrition we’ve been giving him, now he struggles to take in more than a few sips. He does better with water than with other liquids.

Oddly enough, the cough that has been bothering him since after his surgery earlier this year has subsided a bit as the swallowing issue has increased. What that means, I have no idea, but at least he’s a bit more comfortable that way if less comfortable another way. Tiny silver lining.

He’s completely stopped reading email or doing anything else online. That brief window of energy he was having in the morning has closed completely. This means he’s missing the breathtaking memorial that’s going on right now on Facebook. Of course, it also means that he missed the rumors of his passing.

He’s only getting out of his chair for bathroom breaks, but thanks to a friend’s heroic efforts, we now have things set up so he can get onto and off the toilet with more ease.

Thanks to everyone for their unstinting support – it means a great deal, no matter what form it takes.



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