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[cancer] The NIH Fundraiser – stretch goals?

Yesterday, the Science Fiction Author on Trial (NIH trial, that is!) fundraiser made goal.

Thank you very much. This helps meet the costs for Dad and Lisa Costello to be here in Maryland, as well some of my incidentals.

One of our prize sponsors suggested we set some stretch goal prizes. I’m going to let them worry about that with the organizer, Shlom Ster. It would be nice to cover the $2,000 or so in extra costs from my last minute travel fire drill. Any money beyond that will go into my healthcare fund for future needs here at NIH or at home.

But really, to do it yesterday, while I was out for the count for surgery and recovery… You guys are awesome, and I love you. Thank you so much.

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[calendula] A man never got a woman back, not by begging on his knees

“Love never dies a natural death. It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source. It dies of blindness and errors and betrayals. It dies of illness and wounds; it dies of weariness, of witherings, of tarnishings.”

    — Anaïs Nin

We are done. The cancer has metastasized to my heart, and I am alone once more.

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[calendula] A bit more about what’s between us

calendula_witch says a bit more about what’s going on between us.

She is right about my feelings in this situation, but she needs to find her path. I hope her path will rejoin mine, but I hope even more whatever path she chooses will please her better than our path of late has done.

Sometimes, love is letting go.

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[calendula|personal] For the record…

calendula_witch and I are taking some time apart from one another.

Comments are off for this post. This is an incredibly difficult time for both of us. Thank you for understanding.

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[calendula] The birthday that was, picking up every stitch

Yesterday was the Witchbirthday. We celebrated by having some spa and sauna time at Common Ground, which was very nice indeed. The weather was perfect for being wet and warm under the open sky a while.

After that, calendula_witch and I had a marvelous Vietnamese lunch at Pho Van, before repairing to the Witchnest to do some writing and plan our December getaway weekend.

Then to Nuevo Rancho Lake (bearing fine cheese) to see the_child’s Halloween costume in full deployment. While we were there, my mother and my aunts got to telling old stories, which were largely hilarious and occasionally tragic. Two memorable statements that stood out for me were “Joe was so mad he couldn’t even fiddle with his pocket protector” and “Sometimes you have to drive through a civil war to get to a story”.

We rounded out our evening with a truly lovely dinner at Papa Haydn. There I bestowed my Witchgift, which seems to have been well-received.

I cannot speak for the birthday girl, of course, but I found it a very satisfactory day indeed. I hope she did too.

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[personal] Happy Hallobirthdayween

Today is the day that ghosts walk and skeletons dance and pumpkins glare with fiery glance,
But most of all today is the day when the Witch came to stay in this world of wicked chance.

Happy Birthday to my sweet calendula_witch, and Happy Halloween to everyone.

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[calendula] The season of the witch

Tomorrow is calendula_witch’s birthday. As my best beloved observes, a birthday is a halo of days. Wish her well this weekend.

And no, I won’t tell you how many spankings she’ll get.

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[food|calendula] Momos and fried olives at Witchnest Manor

Yesterday we had a post-party party at calendula_witch’s new digs, Witchnest Manor. Some of the out of town JayCon guests, some of my family, and a bunch of food. I supervised the making of momos, which were prepared with five different fillings: yak meat, beef, lamb, turkey and vegetarian meat substitute. Much work was put in by many people to make it all come out right, but serious yum.

shelly_rae then took over the kitchen and made fried olives, per my recent dream. The best version was kalamata olives, stuffed with fontina, wrapped in prosciutto and fried in olive oil with a panko crust. shelly_rae will be posting the recipe soon.

And the house. Mmm. Witchnest Manor is gorgeous, and calendula_witch is already amazingly well moved in. The place is so nifty, and she is definitely queen of her hall.

Photos to come…

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[calendula] She’s on her way here

Well, is leaving the Witchnest this morning — about now, in fact — to make the drive to Oregon. She’ll be here for about ten days, during which time we’ll make ‘s coast writing retreat (along with the lovely and talented , who’s currently visiting as well), do a bunch of homebody/couple stuff, and hit Foolscap. I can’t wait to see her.


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[calendula] The woman reads

reads her story “By the Sea” at the Grants Pass book release party.


And a video clip of her.

She did a fabulous job. And this was her first reading and signing, ever. Mad props to the woman.

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