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[contests] Flash Fiction Open voting round is here

Hat by criada

Photographed at the Whatcom Creek Estuary, in Washington State, by .

© 2009. All rights reserved. Reproduced with permission.

Per a suggestion from , and with agreement from whose photo this is, I held a flash fiction open round. Using ‘s photo as their inspiration, twenty people wrote a piece of flash (500 words or less).

All of the stories can be read here: [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ]

I had four celebrity judges read all twenty stories, and give me preliminary rankings. My thanks go out to , , and . Also, thanks and congratulations to everyone who played along. This was so much fun that I’ll do another one of these before too long, I’m sure.

Now it’s time to vote, in the poll here. The five finalist stories are all linked from the poll post, so it’s easy to click through and peruse them. Check it out, and support your favorite.

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[contests] Fictional character pickup lines

On Twitter today, I said:

Pondering fictional character pickup lines. John Carter of Mars: “My radium rifle will really make you glow, baby.” Others?

A few answers have filtered in:

@Animakitty: Decompression alarms are going off in my head baby, ‘cuz you just took my breath away.

@etcet “I find your lack of faith… arousing.”

@Rblay I think my robot likes your laptop

@rndrum “Materialize around here often?”

And via Facebook, Jonathan Vos Post: “Sample Caltech pickup line from the all-male era, usually unsuccessful: ‘Would you rather be infra-read or ultra-violated?'”

I think we have the makings of a contest. With, like prizes and stuff. So here it is, the fictional character pickup-line contest. You know what to do, now go to it in comments.

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[contests] Photos of Green in the wild

Green Powell’s | Amazon ] is released Tuesday, June 9th. Post or paste your photo of the book in the wild (or on the store shelves or in your hands). Weirder/funnier the better. I’ll host a voting poll in the usual manner, winner to get some signed books from me.

To be eligible for the contest, you must post by Friday, June 12th. Bonus points for posting tomorrow!

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[contests] The caption contest has a winner

Per the voting poll here to caption this photo:

Jay Lake in hospital as interpreted by Martin Livings

…the winner is with “Lake-cutus of Borg. Resistance is futile.”

will be an inscribed copy of Green Powell’s | Amazon ] when available. Plus champion PhotoChopper will get a bonus prize.

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[contests] The new caption contest voting poll is now up

See here for the new caption contest voting poll, based on photochop of me in the ER last week. Some pretty funny stuff there.

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[contest] Caption contest winner

The caption contest has a runaway winner. With 102 votes cast, the winner at 26 votes is Matt H.


Tai Shan always ended up giving his lunch money to the bigger pandas, and he never looked forward to gym class.

Runner up is with: “You have failed me for the last time, Admiral.”

Matt H wins a hardback of Green Powell’s | Amazon ] (when it’s available) or another of my books. Excellent work!

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[contests] Time to vote for the caption contest

Here’s the voting poll for the panda caption contest. Vote early, vote often, tell all your friends. Usual disclaimers apply.

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[contests] Caption contest returns!

A new caption contest! Usual rules apply. I’ll collect captions in comments here (at both jlake.com and jaylake.livejournal.com) until I get bored with it, then build a voting poll. Please try to limit the length of your entries or they may become truncated in the poll code.

Prize will be a hardback of Green (when it’s available) or another of my books of the winner’s choice. Have fun!


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[contests] Time to vote in the newest Green ARC contest

The latest contest for an ARC of Green Amazon ] is now live with a voting poll.

Note that this one was a little different. I asked people to nominate someone else to receive an ARC. Due to the limitations of the poll code, some of the nominations have been truncated, so be sure to check out the comments on the original posts [ jlake.com | LiveJournal ].

And yes, there will be goodies for the person whose nominee wins.

So what are you waiting for? Go vote!

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[contests] Voting poll for the latest Green ARC contest

Which unsuspecting reader or reviewer should have a Green ARC inflicted upon them?

View Results

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