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[podcasting] Recorded some audio

just departed Nuevo Rancho Lake. He’d dropped by to record a podcast with me for Tor.com, and we shared pizza and salad with . Neither of us was in top form, but the podcasts came out well, and it was good to connect. Me, bushed, sleeping Real Soon Now.

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[podcasting|fiction] Starflower’s Crossing

This requires a modest amount of explanation. I offered a custom-written flash story as a prize in the Strange Horizons fund drive. Jennifer Hudock won the story, gave me the title “Starflower’s Crossing” as a prompt, and has now recorded the resulting story for podcast. It can be heard at her Web site, This Week in Awesome, and is wonderfully executed.

Go check it out!

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[podcast] The Niece explains why stars go nova

Thanks to lillypond, a/k/a my sister.


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[podcast] Repost of “Three the Rivals”

This is a repost of a podcast originally recorded at Nippon 2007, of me reading “Three the Rivals”. That story is part of Green Grow the Rushes, Oh from Fairwood Press Amazon ], and was originally published at Strange Horizons as the third in a twelve-story cycle.


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