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[sale] Novella “Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh” to Prime Books

I am pleased to announce that Prime Books has accepted my novella, “Love in the Time of Metal and Flesh” for publication as a single-title book in 2011. The story is a contemporary dark fantasy about extreme body modification, murder and childhood innocence.

More here from the publisher.

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[sale] Novelette “A Long Walk Home” to Subterranean Online

This morning, Subterranean Online has accepted my novelette, “A Long Walk Home”. I am mos def pleased.

This is another piece of the Sunspin continuity. It’s also a story idea that came to me in the late stages of chemo, when I could barely sign my name, let alone write fiction. So call this a bit of a personal victory on more levels than the usual headrush of selling a story.

Anent the Sunspin shorts, here’s a list of them so far, with a little bit of commentary.

Title Comments Publication information

Permanent Fatal Errors About 1,200 years before the narrative present; concerns the Before Macaria St. Maduabuchi Is Anybody Out There?, ed. Nick Gevers and Marty Halpern, DAW, June, 2010

“A Long Walk Home” About 1,100 years before the narrative present; concerns the Before Aeschylus Sforza Subterranean Online, forthcoming

“To This Their Late Escape” About 850 years before the narrative present; concerns the Before Skanderia Knaak and the Before Raisa Siddiq The Sky That Wraps, Subterranean Press, August, 2010

“To Raise a Mutiny Betwixt Yourselves” About 700 years before the narrative present; concerns the Before Michaela Cannon, the Before Raisa Siddiq, and the shipmind Polyphemus The New Space Opera 2, ed. Gardner Dozois and Jonathan Strahan, Eos, June, 2009

“The Weight of History, the Lightness of the Future” Immediately before the narrative present; concerns the Before Michaela Cannon, Lieutenant Shinka, and the shipmind Third Rectification To be announced

Torquing Vacuum In the narrative present; concerns Domitian Spanich, the Imperial Household, and the shipmind Mare Ibrium Clarkesworld, February, 2010

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[sale] Foreign rights sale for MAINSPRING

I am pleased to announce that I have received and accepted a German rights offer for my novel Mainspring Powell’s | Barnes & Noble | Borders | Audible ], from publisher Bastei Lübbe, via my agent Jennifer Jackson of DMLA.

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[sale] Short story “West to East” to Subterranean Online

Short story “West to East” was accepted by Subterranean Online yesterday. Old school SF, through the Jay Lake filter.

That makes eighteen short fiction sales for the year to date, not all of which I’ve been able to announce. Two of those were jointly written with calendula_witch. Not so bad for a year mostly spent on chemo and its discontents.

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[sale] In other news, Japan checks in; again

I seem to have sold another Japanese rights reprint, of short story “Two All Beef Patties” to Hayakawa’s Mystery magazine. The piece originally appeared in the DAW anthology Better Off Undead. Hooray!

Also, can’t recall if I reported this, but “Tall Spirits, Blocking the Night” will be included in The Best of Talebones from Fairwood Press.

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[sale] Short story “The Fall of the Moon” to Realms of Fantasy

As announced here, Realms of Fantasy has accepted my short story, “The Fall of the Moon”, for publication.

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[sale] A bit more news

My Mainspring novella “Chain of Fools” has been confirmed for a translated appearance the June issue of the Japanese magazine Hayakawa SF. The sequel (and steampunk astronaut story) “Chain of Stars” will be appearing in translation in Web publication in Japan later this year as well.

In other news, short story “Jefferson’s West” has sold to the anthology Boondocks Fantasy forthcoming from DAW. This is in continuity with Original Destiny, Manifest Sin, for those following along at home.

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[sale] Two new sales

French rights to Green have sold to Bibliothéque Interdite, via .

Short story “The Women Who Ate Stone Squid” has been accepted for Love and Rockets.

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[sale] “From the Countries of Her Dreams” to Fantasy Magazine

As reported here by , our collaborative short story, “From the Countries of Her Dreams” has been accepted by Fantasy magazine. (Which happens to be running a different collaborative story from us right now.) This new story is in the Green continuity, and takes place roughly at the end of Endurance.

Go congratulate !

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[sale] “Her Fingers Like Whips, Her Eyes Like Razors” to PostScripts

I am pleased to announced that PostScripts has accepted my new story “Her Fingers Like Whips, Her Eyes Like Razors” for publication later this year.

Written while on chemo, sold while on chemo. I am still a writer, even now.

Booyah, damn it.

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