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[test] Second cross-post test

Please ignore this interruption of your reading day.

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[test] LJ Crossposter Test

Please ignore this post. In the event of an actual post, you would be provided with wit and erudition.

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[test] Ignore

If this had been a real post, you would now have wit and erudition to read.


[test] Ignore this post

[test] If this were a real post, you would now be entertained, or at least well-informed.


[test] Test the third

Yet more testiness

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[test] Further iPhone testing

Another test post for you to ignore!

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[test] Test post of WordPress client for iPhone

This is a test if blogging from my iPhone. Lesser mortals beware, for I am unstoppa

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[test] Test of hopefully improved LJ crossposting

This is a test post. In the event of a real post, you would not be informed that this is a test post. Talk amongst yourself.

ETA: Testing whether a post edit suppresses the LJ f-list view.

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[test] Testing twitter cross-post feature

This is a test. In the event of a real post, you would have been provided with wit and erudition, or possibly a deranged liberal-progressive political rant. You may shop as usual, there is no need to return to your homes.

ETA: I will not be cross-posting my twitters to my blog. My twitter feed will be receiving notifications of new blog posts. Fear not, loyal readers.

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