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[videos] Jay Lake, alien hunter

Jay Lake, alien hunter

What we get up to here at Rio Hondo…

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[cancer|videos] My own Acts of Whimsy video

My own Acts of Whimsy video:

Courtesy of Waterloo Productions, and with apologies to Mary Robinette Kowal, Jim C. Hines, Paul Cornell and Howard Tayler.

You’re welcome.

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[videos|funny] Me and the Child

Against the Law

In which [info]the_child and I argue about whether she can get a tattoo at age fourteen.

Poop Poop

In which I embarrass [info]the_child by singing about poop.

Videos © 2012 B. Lake, used with permission.

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[videos] “Two Minds”, by the Child

© 2011 B. Lake, all rights reserved, used with permission.

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[videos] Ken Scholes Sings

, serenading before Mount Shasta.

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[videos] Ken Scholes and BhagwanX do karaoke

Oh, the shame.

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[videos] White River Falls

A couple of clips of White River Falls, at White River Falls State Park, outside Dufur, OR.

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[videos] Magic Mile ski lift

Taken from the ski lift on Mt. Hood, today.

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