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Picture of Jay Lake and Frank Wu at the 2004 Hugos, photographed by Beth Gwinn
 Photo © 2004 by Beth Gwinn.
I am the winner of the 2004 John W. Campbell, Jr. Award for Best New Writer!

I was also a nominee for the 2004 Hugo Award for Best Novelette, and with Deborah Layne, the 2004 World Fantasy Award for Best Nonprofessional Editor (for our work on the Polyphony anthology series.

Want to read my fiction? My collections are: Dogs in the Moonlight, from Prime Books
(this one received a starred review in Publisher's Weekly)
American Sorrows, from Wheatland Press
(includes my Hugo-nominated novelette, "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night")
Green Grow the Rushes-Oh, from Fairwood Press
Greetings From Lake Wu, from Wheatland Press

You can also view my full bibliography here.
    "Greetings From Lake Wu is an excellent showcase for one of SF's fastest rising talents"
            -- Locus
    "Think William S. Burroughs meets Men in Black"
            -- Publisher's Weekly
    "The love child of Gertrude Stein and Frank Zappa"
            -- The Mumpsimus
    "What good fiction is all about"
            -- Chronicle

Jay Lake lives in Portland, Oregon with his family and their books. In 2004 he will have dozens of stories in numerous markets, including Asimov's, Leviathan 4, The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror and Realms of Fantasy. He is also a fiction editor at Wheatland Press, working on the Polyphony anthology series with Deborah Layne and All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories with David Moles. Personal editing and non-fiction projects include TEL : Stories and essays for the Internet Review of Science Fiction. In addition to being a Hugo and a Campbell nominee for 2004, in 2003 he made the Locus Recommended reading list as both an author and an editor.

  • His first collection Greetings From Lake Wu, illustrated by Hugo-nominated artist Frank Wu, was a Locus Recommended book for 2003.
  • "The Goat Cutter," which originally appeared in Greetings From Lake Wu, will be reprinted in The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror.
  • Polyphony 2, edited jointly with Deborah Layne, was also a Locus Recommended book for 2003.
  • He took first place in L. Ron Hubbard's Writers of the Future XIX with "Into the Gardens of Sweet Night," in 2003.
  • That story qualified him for the John W. Campbell, Jr. Award for Best New Writer.
  • That story was on the 2004 Hugo ballot in the category of Best Novelette.
  • Jay was also on the 2004 World Fantasy Award ballot with Deborah Layne, for Best Nonprofessional Editor.
  • Jay's first published story, "The Courtesy of Guests," won the Best of Soft SF prize for 2001. It has since been reprinted in Greece, Romania and the United Kingdom.
  • He's had numerous honorable mentions in SF, fantasy and horror Year's Best summations.
  • "The Goat Cutter" and "The Angel's Daughter" have been reprinted in Year's Best anthologies.
  • His chapbook "Green Grow the Rushes-Oh" is now available from Fairwood Press.
  • American Sorrows, his second collection, is now available from Wheatland Press.
  • Dogs in the Moonlight, his third collection, is now available from Prime Books.

Jay's literary interests are represented by Jennifer Jackson of Donald Maass Literary Agency.
Jay's film and television interestes are represented by Sheri Fults of Elysian Entertainment.

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