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NEW "The Goat Cutter" has been selected for The Mammoth Book of Best New Horror, ed. Stephen Jones. My first year's best appearance!
NEW An (almost) complete bibliography of my published work.
NEW Greetings From Lake Wu makes the Locus Recommended Reading List, along with Polyphony 2! Greetings From Lake Wu is also a Locus New and Notable book.
NEW Under development: a list of titles of everything I've written since 2000, including the trunk stories.
NEW Guidelines for the new market I am editing, TEL : Stories.
NEW My entry has been added to the John W. Campbell Award Web site.
NEW Greetings From Lake Wu can now be ordered from amazon.com. Also, it got a stellar review in the December, 2003 issue of Locus (which unfortunately cannot be read online). However, this nice SF Site review can be read online.
AND The incredibly rare limited edition!

Highly recommended writer links:
Ralan.com -- Ralan Conley's freakishly exhaustive and highly excellent market listings.
The Write Hemisphere -- Scott Reilly's very cool spec fic market news blog.
Want to be on my email announcement list? Email me. Occasional mailings regarding stories appearing in print and online, weird hijinks and appearances of the Greek Chorus.

Official Jay Lake gear.
Check out my experimental microfiction blog, "Story Words," at http://storyword.blogspot.com/
Also check out "Cylindrical Primate Storage Unit," a selection of odd and interesting links maintained daily.

My handy guide to genre distinctions.

The obligatory chart:

Short stories accepted this year:14
Short stories accepted to date:128 (including 13 originals to appear in the two collections)
Short stories scheduled to appear in 2004:about 30 (including the 12-part "Calends" cycle, and my six pack of flash in "Forty Beers")
Books of my fiction: Greetings from Lake Wu (with Frank Wu) from Wheatland Press, a collection of art and stories of the fantastic | toc
Dogs in the Moonlight from Prime Books (April, 2004), a collection of weird Texas tales | toc
Green Grow the Rushes-Oh from Fairwood Press (April, 2004), an illustrated chapbook of the "Rushes" story cycle
Books I'm (co-)editing: Polyphony (co-editor with Deborah Layne)
Polyphony 2 (co-editor with Deborah Layne)
Polyphony 3 (co-editor with Deborah Layne)
Polyphony 4 (co-editor with Deborah Layne)
All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories (co-editor with David Moles)
Exquisite Corpuscle (co-editor with Frank Wu)
TEL : Stories

Plus my response to 9-11, Into History.

I am fiction co-editor of Polyphony from Wheatland Press, Volume One of which was released in the fall of 2002 with stories from Andy Duncan, Maureen McHugh, Lucius Shepard, Ray Vukcevich and Jim Van Pelt, among others, to great critical acclaim. Volumes Two and Three are available, while Volume Four will be out in 2004.

I am also working with the esteemed David Moles to edit the All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories due out from Wheatland Press in October, 2004.

Also watch for upcoming projects Exquisite Corpuscle and TEL: Stories.

The Electric Fence Party, in which we build a garden fence out of dead pianos.
Next year at MonkeyCon!
Weirdspotting. I took this photograph on SE 8th Avenue in Portland. It's a six by six inch adhesive-backed tile stuck to the sidewalk on which someone has painted a nigh incomprehensible message.

8000 yrs. old and still dumb as a BLAZER FAN, the ugly SATAN be!

My recent (and almost ill-fated) trip to Colorado! Pictures to come.

Read Mikal Trimm's interview with me at Ideomancer.

Looking for Cletis? He moved here.

Who I am and what I do -- my resume.

 My Family
Bronwyn blowing bubbles Susan in a quilt

Liberal crankiness on the 'Net. Let the games begin.
2001-01-23 Why Are So Many of Us Still Mad?. An attempt to get my conservative friends to see that the anger and frustration of many Americans is more than merely being sore losers.
2000-11-08 What I Learned Watching the Elections. An essay I wrote the morning after Election Day. Mildly prophetic in some regards.
Fun Election 2000 Facts. True things about Bush you may not know.
Bush II: Supreme Theft Presidency. Angry liberal sarcasm.
Why I think Bush stole the election. Response to a conservative friend.
New Republican rules of golf. With substantial contributions from Chris Johnson.

Lifestyle crankiness on the 'Net. Safe for readers of all political persuasions.
The Agony of Victory. How I beat the system and lost big doing it.
Coming soon, more than you ever wanted to know about my sanitary sewer and that which dwelt therein.

My CIA Connections, more of same -- A JFK conspiracy Web site that mentions me and my CIA connections as part of the cover up. I think this guy is serious. You have to search on the pages for "Jay Lake", my name appears in the middle of a long rant on each.
Jay Lake -- My eponymous campground in Ontario, Canada.
Tiger in the Jungle -- Light entertainment for the kiddies.
Ben Hare: Chariot Racing in the Looney Tunes Universe -- What I do on Friday nights, more or less.
Another Jay at the Office -- For those who might wonder about my work environment.
The Fabulous Text Reverser -- Lets your computer write like Leonardo da Vinci!
St. Isidore -- Patron saint of the Internet.

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