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[travel|personal] Blurrrr and busy

Flew home from Las Vegas yesterday evening. Up now and getting ready to skive off to Kauai with [info]the_child shortly. We’ll be back Sunday night.

In other news, I completed the revision draft of Kalimpura last night. It’s already off to first readers. Also had a very productive discussion with La Agente about this book, Sunspin and various other business matters. We’ve got a handle on what I’ll be producing this year, schedule revised to accomodate my upcoming treatments. Things are falling into place. It’s good to have a plan.

I have small-scale minor projects including guest blog post or two, an article, a short story revision and a new short story, not to mention the Endurance galleys, some of which I’ll try to get done on the Hawaii trip.

Or maybe I won’t! Hah!

I do expect to post from Kauai, including likely some photo blogging, but I may not hew to my regular schedule or content. Y’all have fun while I’m gone.

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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery from high above the Strip

Yesterday was a mighty full day at the Day Jobbe trade show here in Las Vegas. Afterwards, I went to dinner with friends here at Picasso’s in the Bellagio. The conversation was wide ranging and excellent, and the food was, well, nigh indescribable.

ZOMG, that was the finest meal I’ve eaten in years. It began with an amuse-boche which was a tapas-style chicken fritter, followed by a roasted quail and field greens salad, followed by foie gras steak and braised pineapple followed by fallow dear medallions with pickled cabbage and new potatoes, followed by an absolutely bizarre and wondrous dessert of chocolate truffle beignets plus chocolate-dipped peanut butter ice cream, plus part of one my fellow diners’ cheese plate.

I blew my diet from here to Mars, but wow. Back to virtue today.

Odd, unhappy dreams last night, first of [info]calendula_witch, then of me and Mother of the Child involved in some madcap blues music adventure with Charles Barkley wearing a Don King wig.

In retrospect, I’m not sure I should have eaten that meal after all.

Also, I did manage to squeeze in an hour of effort on Kalimpura revisions, just barely.

Walked the Strip this morning again in the other direction, toward Mandalay Bay. Not quite as obnoxious as yesterday’s walk, and I continue to admire the architecture. Though in truth the Luxor mostly makes me think of the Tyrell Corporation.

Even more full today — including the closing reception I think I’m working about 12 hours straight through. A facilities tour tomorrow, then flying home just in time to hop it for Kauai on Thursday morning with [info]the_child.

Be well, write more, stay busy, wherever you are and whatever you are doing.

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[links] Link salad dodges drunks on the early morning sidewalks of Las Vegas

How Writers Build the Brand — (Via [info]willyumtx.)

Gambling With Your Life — or: Why Las Vegas is the Suicide Capital of the U.S. — Hmm, I’ll have to be careful out here.

The Joy of Researching the Health Benefits of Sex

ALIPAC: Democrats Want To Recruit Gay Immigrants To “Bring Down” America — More compassionate conservatism from those carefully rational intellectuals who make up the American Right. Or maybe it’s just the Gay is coming! BTW, has conservative alarmism on any issue ever been proven right? Minimum wage? Interracial marriage? Decriminalizing gay sex? Tax increases? Anything?

He Won — Radley Balko on bin Laden’s victory in transforming American society much to the worse.

Right Rushes To Praise Bush For Obama’s Order To Kill Bin Laden — Because, you know, Mission Accomplished. Heckuva job, Bushie.

The Muslim World Sounds off on Bin Laden’s Demise

?otD: What do you suppose the power bills are here on the Vegas strip?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hour (revisions to Kalimpura)
Body movement: 60 minute urban walk (the Vegas Strip)
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (interrupted)
Weight: n/a
Currently reading: Nifft the Lean by Michael Shea

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[travel] Las Vegas loud

I realize that coming to Las Vegas, the Strip specifically, and complaining about the noise is like going to Disneyland and complaining about all the kids everywhere. But this place…

My image of Vegas and the Strip has always been one of lights, money and girlsgirlsgirls. What I never realized was the degree to which those lights, money and girlsgirlsgirls have a cacophonous soundtrack. The only quiet place in this part of the city is my hotel room, and some large project involving thundering metal and cranes was going on outside my (41st floor) window last night, so even my room wasn’t that quiet.

And not just the noise, the volume. I suppose the whole point is to keep people overstimulated and slightly disoriented so they keep opening their wallets all unthinking. And hooray for the diversity of experience.

In the past 18 hours since I arrived, I’ve had someone try to sell me mescaline and PCP, I’ve run into innumerable prostitution touts, I’ve had a drunk stagger into me then slap my arm for being in his way, I’ve seen a homeless guy (or at least a very grubby fellow with that outdoor tan) in full pirate drag including a noisy parrot, I’ve marveled at ceremonial architecture that will drive hundreds of doctoral degrees a thousand years from now, and I’ve discovered this place is never, ever quiet, not even at 4:30 am.

I’m glad Vegas is here for the people who want it. And I appreciate a well-designed money sieve, purely from a cultural engineering perspective. But this place…

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[personal] Miscellaneous updatery

Yesterday after my usual morning routine of exercise and bloggery, I worked on Kalimpura for an hour and a half, then hied [info]the_child off to her lacrosse game. As usual, she kicked ass and took names.


In the afternoon, she sang in the choir for her friend’s mother’s memorial service. I reluctantly did not attend, figuring the emotional stress on me would be potentially overwhelming. Instead I stayed home and packed for both Las Vegas and Kauai, as the trips are back-to-back, did some bill paying and other routine household tasks, and had a nice if brief social evening.

At the airport this morning. TSA here at PDX was very cheerful. I don’t know if that’s a Sunday shift thing — I don’t normally fly on Sundays — or a change in customer relations policy or just one of those days.

When I got to my gate, Lake’s Law of Power Outlets was in full effect. To wit, those seats closest to an available power outlet will be the first occupied in an otherwise empty airport public space, generally by people not actually using them. (I think what’s really going there is that power outlets are generally accessible from seats at the ends of rows or adjacent to pillars, and people are comfortable sitting in those seats.)

Off to LAX now, with a longish layover (and, I think, a terminal change) there. Then from there to LAS for a Day Jobbe trade show. Doesn’t look like anyone’s nibbling on my offer of an open dinner in Las Vegas tomorrow night (Monday, 5/2), but it’s still open. Let me know if you’d like to meet up.

For now, to the skies I go, Kalimpura in hand.

Photo © 2011, Joseph E. Lake, Jr.

Creative Commons License

This work by Joseph E. Lake, Jr. is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 United States License.

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[personal] Another day flows past

Worked my usual Day Jobbe schedule yesterday. Spent 2.5 hours editing Kalimpura. Helped [info]the_child finish her draft of her school report on Nigeria.

Today, she has a lacrosse game, then she’s singing in the choir at the memorial service for her friend’s mother. I had to think pretty hard about whether I would attend that service myself. I finally reluctantly decided that it would be too difficult for me emotionally. Not an easy decision. Not at all.

Instead I’m going to have lunch with my parents, then pack for my trips to Las Vegas for work (Sunday through Wednesday) and Kauai with [info]the_child (Thursday through Sunday). I’m flexible for dinner in Las Vegas Monday night, while [info]the_child and I are available Thursday and Saturday nights in Kauai, if anyone there is interested in meeting up.

The following week, cancer follies begin in earnest. For now, I am living my life.

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