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[photos] The Child takes a trip to Mount St. Helens

Today, took a trip to Mount St. Helens with her grandmother (), her cousin (the Niece) and her aunt (). Kids and grandmother took the train north, where my sister met them by car and they went up to the visitors’ center. She took the good camera, and took some photos, which I am posting a few of here, with her permission.
The Portland train station



The hardy adventurers, junior division



Messing about on rocks

A little friend from Nature

Oh, yeah, a volcano!

Most photos by , selected photos by M. Lake.

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[calendula] A grand weekend away

and I spent a four-day weekend at Iron Springs, at the writer’s retreat and conference there. We were among old friends and new, including , , , , , , , , Chrissy, , a cast of almost a dozen others whose LJ handles are unknown to me or have slipped my mind, and of course our host, . Iron Springs is an ageing (to the point of being nigh post-apocalyptic) resort that is completely off the grid with respect to cell phones and Internet, so it was a very focused weekend.

This is where and I first met last year, and such a long, strange year it’s been. At least two of the folks there last year tried to warn her off of me (Hah! Take that!), but everyone this year seemed quite happy that we had eventually worked things out and are quite happy our own selves. Lots of walking, lots of writing, lots of workshopping, some good conversation, a guerrilla underwear signing, and a fair amount of romance.

Came back this afternoon and put on a plane back for San Francisco. I’m exhausted, and so is she. I’ll fly down tomorrow to hit my second opinion appointment on Tuesday for the cancer stuff, then spend the rest of the week with her. So indeed a grand weekend away, with a grand week to come.