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[conventions] Orycon, day two

Had quite a nice day here at Orycon yesterday. Good breakfast with my dear friend [info]bravado111. Did a panel on political systems in SF (and fantasy) which was ably moderated by Brenda Cooper. Enjoyed a lovely lunch with con com chair Lea Rush and Jacob E—. Spent my afternoon visiting in the lobby bar and crashing out in my room, with an eventual touch of the party circuit. About the speed I move at these days, so it all worked out well. Saw lots of old friends and new, and got some nice one-on-one time with a few folks.

Today, the Lakeside movie is showing, then I have a panel on reprints. Lisa Costello is coming to fetch me about 2:30 so we can load out, then we’re off to the Powell’s Authorfest at the Cedar Hills store.

See some, all or none of you around the joint today.

[conventions] Worldcon, day three

Too busy to make much of a post now, either, but yesterday was brilliant. Included a lovely working lunch and a slightly less working dinner, some good paneling, some good business discussions, a cast of thousands. The most important moment of the day was attending Charles Brown’s wake. Moving and sweet and sad, and I found the nerve to speak.

Off to breakfast now.