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The Little League World Series’ Only Perfect GameIn 1957, Mexico’s scrawny players overcame the odds to become the first foreign team to win the Little League World Series. (Thanks to [info]threeoutside.)

Son and Heir? In Britain, Daughters Cry No Fair — It’s kind of hard to know what to think about this.

Full moon at McMurdo station — Wow. Just wow. (Via [info]danjite.)

The hidden cost of terrorism: U.S. smoking After the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks, a million former U.S. smokers took up the habit again and kept puffing for at least two years, a researcher says. Really? (Via David Goldman.)

Chris Kluwe: Here’s what’s wrong with Ayn Rand, libertarians A world full of Ayn Rands would be a terrifyingly selfish place, writes the outspoken NFL star in his new book.

Greg Mankiw and the Gatsby Curve — Paul Krugman on Greg Mankiw’s blindly idiotic and self-serving defense of extreme economic privilege.

Church without God – by design — Atheist services. Huh. (Via Dad.)

God’s Own Law — Steve Buchheit on Biblical laws and our allegedly Christian nation.

Obama to reveal “plan to prep for the impacts of climate change” on TuesdayHe’ll make due on his inaugural address by sharing how the US can “lead global efforts.” Oh, those liberal lies, based on mere “facts” and “data” when there’s good conservative ideology out there to sustain the happily counterfactual and willfully ignorant.

QotD?: Will you ever? Did you ever?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hour (day overwhelmed with busy-ness)
Hours slept: 5.5 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 247.8
Number of FEMA troops on my block installing Islamic footwashing sinks: 0
Currently reading: Real Happiness: The Power of Meditation: A 28-Day Program by Sharon Salzberg; I Shall Wear Midnight by Terry Pratchett

[child] Went to a basketball game

Yesterday, I made it over to a doubleheader basketball game to sit with Mother of the Child and watch our daughter play in a summer league game. She didn’t play this past fall in regular season for various reasons — a choice on her part which I understood even while not entirely agreeing with — so this was her first game in over a year. They did wonderfully, winning both games by a substantial margin.

This is league is quite short, so those are probably the only games I will make it to. I missed her lacrosse season this year entirely due to chemo side effects. I’m glad I got a chance to see her play. She is a joyous athlete whose inner life is much improved by powerful physical exertion.

Love that kid.

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It’s hard to rely on my good intentions, when my head’s full of things that I can’t mention Lisa Costello on how my cancer news is affecting her.

Game Theory and the Treatment of CancerThinking about cancer as an ecosystem is giving biologists access to a new armoury of mathematical tools for tackling it, such as evolutionary game theory.

The History of Typography – Animated Short — This is kind of nifty. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Alice E. Kober, 43; Lost to History No More — Ancient languages and eccentric professors. It doesn’t get any better! (Via my Dad.)

Dull Flag and Tongue of Gangsta: The Laugh-out-loud Place-names of Shetland and Orkney

Beatnik JFK: 1957 — For some reason, I find this photo very funny.

Researcher Analyzes Oldest Fossil Hominid Ear Bones Ever Recovered

Fossil Amber Challenges Theories About GlassScientists discover that glass doesn’t flow like a liquid.

Kangaroos have three vaginas — Mmm, marsupials. (Via David Goldman.)

One Small Step for Geoengineering — or Is “Ecoengineering” Better?

Space OddityDavid Bowie’s Space Oddity, recorded by Commander Chris Hadfield on board the International Space Station. We are indeed living in the future. (Via David Goldman and others.)

‘Einstein’s Planet’: New Alien World Revealed by Relativity

Climate Sensitivity Stunner: Last Time CO2 Levels Hit 400 Parts Per Million The Arctic Was 14°F Warmer!

The Dark Art of RacecraftJason Richwine’s place in the long history of research on race and IQ. Ta-Nehisi Coates is powerful on race and racism in academic tradition.

Infographic: Is Your State’s Highest-Paid Employee A Coach? (Probably) — I’m so proud of America at moments like this. With all the budget problems of government, and all the human suffering in our debated economy, we still have our priorities straight. (Via [info]danjite.)

Japan WWII ‘comfort women’ were ‘necessary’ – HashimotoA prominent Japanese politician has described as “necessary” the system by which women were forced to become prostitutes for World War II troops. Oh, God. Really? Not only seven kinds of wrong, but disgusting and morally depraved. China indignant at Japanese politician’s “comfort women” statement.

Homophobes Might Be Hidden Homosexuals A new analysis of implicit bias and explicit sexual orientation statements may help to explain the underpinnings of anti-gay bullying and hate crimes. Also, this just in: water is wet. Inside a great number of angry conservative bigots is a fabulous gay man struggling to get out.

Naked TSA Protester’s Appeal to Be Heard Tuesday — A story of local interest here in Portland. It would be pretty funny if it weren’t so darned serious.

Police search for 19-year-old man shooting, wounding of 19 at New Orleans Mother’s Day parade — Because an armed society is a polite society, and guns make us all safer. Think how much harder it would have been for this shooter to exercise his theoretical defense of essential liberties without the smiling protection of the NRA and the Republican Party.

Right-wing media check up: still crazyThe right-wing media hasn’t learned anything from its failures in 2012. It’s the same-old ‘Obama is evil’ conspiracy theories.

Gates: Administration Critics view of US Military Capabilities in Benghazi “Cartoonish”Former Bush and Obama administrations secretary of defense Bob Gates, a lifelong Republican, replied to some of the GOP fantasies about the possibility of a US military mission into Benghazi on Sept. 11, 2012. The Republican obsession with Benghazi is just as bizarre and counterfactual as the vast majority of their other obsessions. Not that bizarre counterfactuals stopped Whitewater from morphing into the Clinton impeachment. Essentially, the GOP has been unable to accept the legitimacy of any Democratic president since LBJ.

Government secretly obtains phone records from journalistsProsecutors targeted the Associated Press in an attempt to learn who leaked information about the CIA and an apparent terrorist plot in Yemen. If proven out, this is seven kinds of wrong. I don’t care what your politics are, this isn’t what our government does or should be doing. Should these allegations be substantiated, Attorney General Eric Holder needs to go, and Obama needs to answer for this. If nothing else, can this administration give us accountability? And some counterpoint on this.

QotD?: What is it that you have got that puts you where you are?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (1.25 hours of revision, plus WRPA, editing METAtropolis: Green Space)
Hours slept: 5.0 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: m/a (forgot)
Number of FEMA troops on my block digging for fossils in the yards of God-fearing Republicans: 0
Currently reading: The Last Hero by Terry Pratchett

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Reddit Fantasy AMA — On Thursday, April 18th (tomorrow), I’ll be participating in the Reddit Fantasy Ask Me Anything.

Badgers, Books and Bacon — Note what this badger is standing on. Heh.

What is the rule for adjective order? — One of those simple looking questions that is in fact fantastically complicated. (Snurched from @elfsternberg.)

Braving End of the Tunnel Blues — Fellow late stage cancer patient (and friend) Janet Freeman-Daily talks about “End of the Tunnel Blues”. Though perhaps they should be “Beginning of the Tunnel Blues”?

Hospital finances are broken. How to fix them.[D]etails about why hospitals might not have any financial incentive to follow best practices. A new paper from researchers affiliated with Harvard, Boston Consulting Group and nonprofit health care delivery system Texas Health Resources suggests that, in some cases, providing worse care pays off for hospitals. This has not been my experience at all, but I may simply be lucky in that respect.

Combat juggling — No, really. (Thanks to [info]willyumtx.)

Applicants wanted for a one-way ticket to Mars — Would you go?

Archaeology on an Interstellar Scale — Cool post from Centauri Dreams. Damned cool.

Mt. Hood and a Lenticular Cloud — I have seen these. They are very strange.

What Happens When You Throw Some Glow Sticks into a Waterfall — (Via my brother.)

Ice Caves Around the World — Gorgeous. (Via Lisa Costello.)

An Illustrated Tour Of Australia’s Museum of Copulatory Organs — Ah, the bracing cut and thrust of museum science. (Via David Goldman.)

Study backs ‘hobbit’ island dwarfism theoryA diminutive species of human whose remains were found on the Indonesian island of Flores could have shrunk as a result of island dwarfism as it adapted to its environment.

Barbie Body Would Be Pretty Odd-Looking In Real Life — Whereas I closely resemble a Ken doll myself.

Death Test Reveals Strength of Social InteractionSocial ties between humans are stronger than those between fruit flies or ants but weaker than those between bees, according to a cheerful new ranking based on how quickly creatures die when they become isolated.

200 Strangers Respond To Facebook Invitation For Funeral Of Veteran With No Friends Or FamilyHundreds of strangers attended the funeral of a British veteran after a clergyman, fearing that the former Royal Marine would be buried without mourners, posted a message on Facebook asking people to attend. (Via [info]threeoutside.)

Is the Grand Canyon showing its age?This is science in action—researchers debating a 65 million year conflict between evidence from traditional geological methods and new dating technology. A concept that’s hard to understand when your highest value is willful ignorance and rejection of the reality-based world.

Yes, Climate Change Is Worsening U.S. Drought — NOAA Report Needlessly Confuses The Issue — Much like O.J. Simpson’s defense team, in the face of an overwhelming preponderance of evidence, climate change denialists will seize on any anomaly in the pretense that it negates all the rest of the weight of the evidence. That’s not how science works, and most conservatives leading the denialist clamor know perfectly well better.

Multnomah County Sheriff Halts Washington Concealed Handgun Applications — I’m sure the gun nut conspiracy theories are already rolling, given the calm and rational nature of handgun advocates.

When Hacking Is the Smaller CrimeHere’s a fascinating article in the Yale Journal of International Affairs, by Paul Rexton Kan of the U.S. Army War College, about cyberwar between non-state agents — in this case, Anonymous versus Los Zetas, the Mexican drug cartel.

Top Ten Ways Islamic Law forbids Terrorism — Pretty sure the Christian tradition does likewise, but that doesn’t stop clinic bombers.

The Boston Blasts and Terrorism: A Historian’s Take on What It Means

‘Toolbox’ that shut down Steel Bridge was actually a TriMet fare box — Portland’s own contribution to public safety. This is what terrorism does. It makes paranoid incompetents of us all. Viz the entire Bush 43 administration.

Rubio: Don’t Tie Immigration Reform To Boston BombingImmigration reform opponent Rep. Steve King (R-IA) suggested legislation should be delayed just in case the bombing is linked to a foreign suspect. In case you had any lingering doubt that Republicans were anything but complete buffoons, that should take care of it. The stupid, it burns.

Microsoft Excel: The ruiner of global economies?A paper used to justify austerity economics appears to contain an Excel error. Austerity economic is like supply-side economics: a mathematical fantasy that appeals to certain ideologies without any grounding in the real world.

The Willful Blindness of Bush LoyalistsRepublicans are very good at embellishing or inventing Bush’s successes, and they need no encouragement in this regard. What they plainly refuse to do is to acknowledge Bush-era disasters for what they are, accept that the public holds their party responsible for those disasters, and try to find some way to correct the errors made. I will submit that when your entire ideology and your party’s political fortunes are based on wholesale denial of objective reality (i.e. evolution denialism, climate change denialism, supply side economics, etc.), it becomes much harder to engage in honest self-reflection. Conservatives have deeply corrupted their own habits of thought. That’s the basis of the well-documented conservative epistemic closure.

QotD?: Who could have prevented the fall of the unwise?

Writing time yesterday: 2.0 hours (60 minutes and 1,500 words on Original Destiny, Manifest Sin, plus 60 minutes minutes of WRPA to produce 1,800 words of nonfiction)
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (solid)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 248.0
Number of FEMA troops on my block checking the magazine sizes of gun owners: 0
Currently reading: The Last Continent by Terry Pratchett

[links] Link salad recovers from chemo grogginess

The Slow Death of the American Author — Scott Turow on the changes in revenue for authors.

Rembrandt’s Night Watch reenacted by flash mob

How not to say the wrong thingIt works in all kinds of crises – medical, legal, even existential. It’s the ‘Ring Theory’ of kvetching. The first rule is comfort in, dump out. (Via Dave Raines.)

Brinicles and the Origin of LifeExtraordinary tubes of ice that grow down into the ocean from ice sheets could be as significant for the origin of life as hydrothermal vents, say chemists.

Monkey chatter smacks of human speech, researcher says

Study: Women prefer tall men, large penis — Man, what will science come up with next?

Ferrets on steroids sold as poodles — Because… uh… I got nothing. (Via @HalloranElder.)

Electromagnetic Chiaroscuro — Some very weird ideas about passive imaging from BLDG BLOG.

US navy laser cannon shoots down planes‘Future of warfare’ arrives in form of weapon that has destroyed drones in testing and will be fitted to active warship. Has the blaster arrived? Not man-portable yet, I see.

Bax’abola: Maya Baseball Takes off in the US — (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Gallup finds growing public concern over global warming — Unfortunately, this is Gallup, who lost their credibility as a polling organization in the last presidential election. Still, if true, an encouraging sign.

Wine Production Seen Shifting From Bordeaux to N.Z. on Climate — I continue to be astonished at the lengths Al Gore’s minions will go to in order to perpetrate their climate change hoax. Thank God there’s Rush Limbaugh and the Republican Party to remind us all that this is just a liberal lie.

Animal Abuse, Oil Leaks, and the Freedom of the Press

Insurance and Freedom — Paul Krugman on conservative opposition to healthcare reform.

Rewriting the Times: Videoing the Police Edition — On police wearing video cameras. (Snurched from [info]chris_gerrib.)

Police: 6-Year-Old Accidentally Shot by 4-Year-Old — Yep. Those kids were definitely safer than they would have been without a gun in the home. A wounded child is a small price to pay for theoretical defense of essential liberties.

How horrified CHER fans thought their idol was dead after Thatcher critics started #nowthatcherisdead hashtag on Twitter — Um…

Who is Margaret Thatcher? Confusion reigns onlineHave young people actually heard of Margaret Thatcher? Fans’ reaction to Harry Styles’s tweet honouring the ex-PM suggests not. But at least they didn’t start the Cher rumour. I remember her well enough. Thatcher was from the same malignant vein of destructive evil as Ronald Reagan, but rather more competent at it than the Gipper, who at least had the excuse of dementia to explain his behavior while in office. (Via David Goldman.)

An American view of Margaret Thatcher’s passing

Margaret Thatcher left a dark legacy that has still not disappearedDays before he died in 2003, Guardian columnist and Thatcher biographer Hugo Young wrote an epitaph for the prime minister who changed Britain forever. (Snurched from Charlie Stross.)

QotD?: Did you do hard drugs yesterday?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (Chemo day)
Hours slept: 8.0 hours (solid)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 242.6
Number of FEMA troops on my block enforcing Agenda 21 by closing down golf courses: 0
Currently reading: Hogfather by Terry Pratchett

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Years of Magical Thinking Conjured Up the Works in This Library From Prestidigitation to Escapology, Manhattan Repository Holds Tricks of Trade. I don’t normally link to the Wall Street Journal, as they’re only slightly more intellectually honest than FOX News, but this story is interesting.

The permanent revolution — Charlie Stross on the topic of technological change.

Teeing Off at Edge of the Arctic? A Chinese Plan Baffles Iceland — A tower room at Eden Roc, golf at noon for free…

Banana equivalent dose — (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Wasp spider foreign exchange program shows shifting heat toleranceBy analyzing the genetic diversity and distribution of the wasp spider (Argiope bruennichi) geneticists at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology have pinned the initial shift in the spiders’ range to the 1930s, occurring “in parallel with the onset of global warming.” To think that Al Gore was already perpetrating his intellectual fraud back in the 1930s through influencing actual evolution. The power of liberal lies is astonishing.

Beware the National Fertilizer AssociationIt’s also true, as gun-rights supporters like to argue, that people can be killed in large numbers by methods other than firearms — the Oklahoma City bombing was accomplished with fertilizer, for instance. But, then, those events inevitably lead to big changes related to the methods used to carry them out. A law that mandates licensing and registration for the kind of fertilizer used in Oklahoma City grew directly from that attack. But guns! They’re an unrestrained social good! Ask any gun owner.

Larry Craig: Legal Fees for Solicitation Defense Related to “Official Senate Duties” — Ah, the sterling ethical principles of the conservative mind on display once again.

The numbers prove it: The GOP is estranged from America

QotD?: Is this Pismo Beach?

Writing time yesterday: 1.0 hour (revisions)
Hours slept: 6.0 hours (very fitful)
Body movement: 0.0 hours (airport walking to come)
Weight: n/a (away from home)
Number of FEMA troops on my block building solar arrays to undermine the American fossil fuel industry: 0
Currently reading: Soul Music by Terry Pratchett

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Blog posts pulled using DMCA restored (mostly) as fake “originals” vanish — The DMCA is not your friend.

Getting rid of adverbs and other adjuncts — I have never understood the writerly obsession with killing adverbs.

What was the odd original name of February? — (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Who pooped? — Surprisingly educational Web site about one of my most important subjects. (Thanks, I think, to [info]corwynofamber.)

Bitter Pill: Why Medical Bills Are Killing Us — Yep. Imagine what this would be like in a single payer system without for-profit margins? (Via [info]scarlettina.)

Molecule Helps Nanoparticles Sneak Past the Immune SystemResearchers have given nanoparticles the ability to tell immune cells not to eat them, a development that could have broad implications for medicine.

New Guidelines for Genetic Testing in Children

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food — Ouch. And I say this as an unreconstructed junk food junkie.

Flowers use electrical signals to summon bees — Nature’s own violet wand?

Zombie Replicants to Outperform the Living“Zombie” mammalian cells that may function better after they die have been created by researchers at Sandia National Laboratories and the University of New Mexico (UNM). Umm… This piece isn’t datelined April 1st.

Life Advice From Machines — This is sweet and cute. (Thanks to [info]reynardo.)

The Unparticle May Lurk in Earth’s Mantle

Mars Panorama – Curiosity rover: Martian solar day 177

Private Mars Mission in 2018? — Paging [info]chris_gerrib.

The Intellectual Gravity of Brilliant Baseball Players — Ah, scientific illiteracy in all its glorious forms. (Thanks to [info]goulo.)

Opera Muliebria — On being a woman in a gendered world. Sobering and important.

Movement Conservatives Are Far Too Eager to Cheer On Their PoliticiansMovement conservatives are too eager to cheer on politicians from their own side and don’t do nearly enough to hold them accountable. The praise that is being heaped on Cruz in recent weeks is one of the more annoying examples of this.

QotD?: Boom shakalaka?

Writing time yesterday: 1.5 hours (0.5 hours on a new story, to draft complete at 3,200 words, and 0.25 hours working on my collaboration with [info]the_child, plus WRPA)
Hours slept: 6.25 hours (solid)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 233.8
Number of FEMA troops on my block covering up high crimes and misdemeanors in Benghazi: 0
Currently reading: Mort by Terry Pratchett

[links] Link salad asks what’s the matter with him? Is he all right?

Paradise Lost 3 — Looking for a tight writers’ conference with a high staff:student ratio? Plus me? Check it out.

Post-Sick SharksScrivener’s Error with a whole bunch of commentary and links on publishing and copyright, with focus on (among other things) orphan works. Recommended reading if you’re serious about this stuff.

Amazon ‘used neo-Nazi guards to keep immigrant workforce under control’ in Germany — Yep. That’s Amazon, predatory business practices and all. (Snurched from Andrew Wheeler.)

The Complete 14 Batman Window Cameos — Hahahah! (Via David Goldman.)

JayBall rules — Because reasons! (Thanks to [info]garyomaha.)

I’m Elyn Saks and this is what it’s like to live with schizophrenia — Wow. (Via Lisa Costello.)

The CIA funded abstract art during the Cold War — Umm…

Optical Calibration Targets — Oh, wow, this is cool. I want to visit some of these in person.

Bioinspired fibers change color when stretchedColor-tunable photonic fibers mimic the fruit of the “bastard hogberry” plant. (Snurched from Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Love of aviation launches teens’ fight to reopen museum — A local story from the Portland area.

Why Almost Everyone in Russia Has a Dash Cam — And why we have so many videos of the recent Russian meteor strike. (Via David Goldman.)

Russian Meteor Is Largest Since 1908 Siberian Blast, NASA SaysA meteor that exploded in the skies above Russia’s Ural Mountains was the largest since the Tunguska blast in Siberia in 1908 and released about 33 times the energy of the atomic bomb that destroyed Hiroshima.

Sex in the Middle Ages — Life after 40? No, wait…

Before Love: Puritan Beliefs about Sex and Marriage — Unfortunately, that Puritan sexual ethos continues to have grip on American culture, especially in the minds of the vocal and destructive Christianist minority, as part of their ongoing campaign of wholesale social repression and denial of individual rights in the name of a very narrow view of religion and morality.

Rising Voices in S. Korea, Japan Advocate Nuclear Weapons — What could possibly go wrong>

How the NRA Hobbled the ATF

The Art of Infinite War, Ctd.: The Administration’s Drone Campaign — Ta-Nehisi Coates with commentary from Judah Grunstein, who edits World Politics Review.

QotD?: How do you know?

Writing time yesterday: 1.25 hours (2,400 words on novella in progress, to 15,700 words, plus 0.25 hours of collaboration with [info]the_child.)
Hours slept: 7.5 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 232.6
Number of FEMA troops on my block covering up high crimes and misdemeanors in Benghazi: 0
Currently reading: Mort by Terry Pratchett

[links] Link salad thanks you for those items that you sent it

Featured Author Interview with Jay Lake — In which I am interviewed at LitStack.

The Acts of Whimsy cancer fundraiser and the Lakeside Kickstarter for the documentary about me, [info]the_child, and cancer are still live. Both have made goal, but additional support is always welcome. Please check them out if you have not done so yet.

Haciendo el gamberro por una buena causa — The Acts of Whimsy fundraiser goes global…

The alternate history of my cancer — Hahahah. Speaking of whimsy.

Time to Refill Your Prescription For Zxygjfb — An amusing squib on the naming of drugs, especially cancer drugs. The comments are worth a browse as well. (Via David Goldman.)

Mass cancer mapping centre opens — (Via [info]gummitch.)

Peptide depots and DNA tattoos could deliver drugs in the futureNew methods boost the efficiency of biologically-inspired treatments. Interesting story with an annoyingly sexist photo illustration.

The World SF Travel FundIn 2011, a combination of genre professionals and fans from the international scene and the United States gathered together to create the World SF Travel Fund. The fund was set up to enable one or two international persons involved in science fiction, fantasy or horror to travel to a major genre event. This strikes me as a worthy cause. Have a look.

Index of maps — Links to maps of fantasy worlds. You weren’t doing anything else for the next week or so, were you? (Via Andrew Wheeler.)

50 Collective Nouns to Bolster Your Vocabulary — “Terms of venery”? Really? That phrase ought to mean something else. (Snurched from Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

It Takes Planning, Caution to Avoid Being ‘It’Group of Men Have Played Game of Tag for 23 Years; Hiding in Bushes, Cars. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Surfer Garrett McNamara Conquers His 100-Foot Wave — Wow.

At 43, Navy vet becomes freshman forward — I am normally indifferent to sports stories, but this is cool as heck. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Bridge of Sighs: 1903 — A striking Shorpy image of Pittsburgh.

Detecting lost rooms with architectural antennae

Requiem for a Dreamliner? — (Snurched from Scrivener’s Error.)

Simulation reveals evolutionary origins of modularity — In case you were wondering.

More Evidence That Mars Once Had Flowing Water

Are you a humanist? — Some fairly silly assumptions embedded in these questions, but I still like it. I scored 96%. (Via @pzmyers.)

The Marketing Tactics of Firearm Manufacturers — (Via [info]goulo.)

Bus driver shot dead; child held hostage in bunker — Another of Sarah Palin’s “Real Americans” exercising his Second Amendment rights to theoretical defense of essential liberties. Aren’t we all made safer by guns?

Are Conservatives Happier than Liberals? — Interesting piece about transitions.

Immigration and the Future of America — Not looking good for those angry white men.

QotD?: Was it the monkey or the plywood violin?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (still in post-operative recovery)
Hours slept: 9.25 hours (fitful)
Body movement: 0.0 hours (post-operative recovery)
Weight: n/a (forgot)
Number of FEMA troops on my block protecting women from violence: 0
Currently reading: The Light Fantastic by Terry Pratchett

[links] Link salad wonders how long the week can last

The Acts of Whimsy cancer fundraiser and the Lakeside Kickstarter for the documentary about me, [info]the_child, and cancer are still live. Both have made goal, but additional support is always welcome. Please check them out if you have not done so yet. Note that the next unlock goal at $44,000 is [info]the_child‘s video, “How to Write Like My Dad”.

Jay Lake on the Whole Genome Sequencing project — Me, expelling the nature and purpose of the tumor sequencing the Acts of Whimsy fundraiser is paying for. (Courtesy of Waterloo Productions.)

Behold: the stupid face I will make in the 3D scanner — Cory Doctorow does the ‘snide fish’ for his Act of Whimsy, per the diktat of John Scalzi’s readership.

My Act of Whimsy for @jay_lake — Barndie Tarvin is hilarious.

Web Hunt for DNA Sequences Leaves Privacy CompromisedThe genetic data posted online seemed perfectly anonymous — strings of billions of DNA letters from more than 1,000 people. But all it took was some clever sleuthing on the Web for a genetics researcher to identify five people he randomly selected from the study group. Not only that, he found their entire families, even though the relatives had no part in the study — identifying nearly 50 people.

Leprosy spreads by reprogramming nerve cells into migratory stem cellsThe surprising modus operandi of a neglected tropical disease could lead to new stem cell therapies.

One to beam up: NASA uses a laser to send Mona Lisa to the moon — Because SCIENCE!!!

Mysterious Tiny Rooms by Marc Giai-Miniet — Something between a dollhouse and a Cornell box. (Via Lisa Costello.)

Lutheran Insulter — Go be insulted by Martin Luther in his own words! Heh heh. (Via Lisa Costello.)

Powder-actuated tool — Wow. Weird stuff. Brings a whole new meaning to the term “nail gun”. (Via Daily Idiom, Annotated.)

Notre Dame’s real dead womanManti Te’o’s bizarre soap opera moves the school’s president to tears, while Lizzy Seeberg’s suicide is ignored. A story which further cements my profound loathing for Big Sports and all it represents.

Conspiracy Theories: 25% of Americans Are “Truthers”Generally, the more people know about current events, the less likely they are to believe in conspiracy theories – but not among Republicans, where more knowledge leads to greater belief in political conspiracies. (Via [info]shsilver.)

Illinois GOP chair: ‘True conservative position’ favors same sex marriage — Huh. Another rare conservative who finally understands morality and justice. Good for him. And this, speaking of newfound morality and justice: Have Evangelicals stepped out of the marriage battle? (Both links via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

How To Debate — A gun rights advocate decries the tactics of the gun culture in the current national debate. As it happens, it’s pretty clear to my view that this blogger’s viewpoint is composed of the same willful ignorance of both the facts on the ground and the moral issues as most gun rights advocates, but their discussion of how we should and should not be talking about strikes me as very constructive. (Via [info]rekre8.)

In Wake of Newtown, It’s Time for America to Meet the NRAThis week, America has been taken aback by the National Rifle Association’s ad politicizing President Obama’s daughters. With this latest episode, it’s become patently obvious that unhinged attacks are the NRA leadership’s calling card. Yep, this. Which is of course of a piece with the general tone and content of conservative rhetoric these past years, so it shouldn’t be the least bit surprising.

?otD: Friday much?

Writing time yesterday: 0.0 hours (stress)
Hours slept: 7.0 hours (interrupted)
Body movement: 0.5 hours (stationary bike)
Weight: 224.2
Number of FEMA troops on my block enforcing disability rights: 0
Currently reading: The Hydrogen Sonata by Iain M. Banks

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Historically Authentic Sexism in Fantasy. Let’s Unpack That.

Study debunks ‘chemo brain’ — Any researcher who thinks chemo brain is a myth should try my drug regimen over the past four years. I realize full well that anecdote is not data, but this isn’t just stress-induced fatigue, you morons.

Appeals court puts 1st Amendment over public healthAn appellate panel clears a man who pitched a drug for an unapproved use for it, saying he had a free-speech right to promote other uses. It’s a blow to the FDA. This story isn’t quite as cut-and-dried as the reporter makes it out to be, given the complex realities of off-schedule uses for FDA approved drugs. For example, a major drug which is also important in treating a rare illness may never go through the formal approvals for that use due to purely economic reasons. How else do the doctors and patients know, except for off-schedule discussions? I myself am taking or have taken several drugs for off-schedule purposes as part of my cancer regimen. (Via [info]danjite.)

Sea silk — From the department of textiles you’ve probably never heard of. (Via Daily Idioms, Annotated.)

Yo-Yo Ma and a wombat meet on a bathroom floor. Seriously — (Via @deirdresm.)

Why I won’t be cheering for old Notre Dame — Athletic privilege much? If Penn State and Joe Paterno taught us anything, it’s that big time college sports is a toxic mess of power and money that will go to any lengths to protect itself, punishing any victims whose testimony might threaten the image of coaches and players. At this point in my life, I’m damned proud of never having been a sports fan. And yes, to all you fans, I know: this is an isolated incident, just like all those other isolated incidents. Wave your flags and cheer for the big boys.

Supremes’ ruling on gay marriage important, not critical — W should hope. Given that the Right wing of the Supreme Court has shamefully demonstrated over and over again since Bush v. Gore that their loyalty is to narrow ideology rather than to Constitution or the national interest or even the plain old fashioned rule of law (exactly what conservatives like to denounce “activist judges” when they happen to disagree with the outcomes), the only real shield we have to pure, vile bigotry from the conservative-dominated Roberts court is the apparently dim but dawning awareness on the part of the Chief Justice that he really does have a legacy by which history will judge him that goes beyond the GOP’s next election results.

Dick Armey, Jerry Falwell, and the for-profit crisis-lords of the GOPIt isn’t just the Conservative entertainment complex that is driving the GOP to ever more ridiculous and preposterous positions, the Conservative scam-PACs are demanding the same. They don’t want an agreement on extending the tax cuts or raising the debt ceiling because it really isn’t about policy at all. To get eyeballs glued to the screen, and to liberate cash from wallets, Fox News and the GOP PACs need a continuous state of political crisis. Yes, that justly famed principled consistency of modern conservatism, hard at work in in America’s interests as always.

Rick Warren Admits What Poll Shows: Churches Have Responsibility For Anti-Gay Hate — Gee. Ya think? And you will know that they are Christians by their love. Got to keep generating those angry white men somehow. Christianist Bible-based hatred keeps the collection plate full and the rubes voting Republican. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Trouble in the Water: Acidifying Oceans Hinder Health of Northwest Shellfish — More of those liberal “facts” and “data” from the reality-based community that contradict cherished conservative beliefs, and therefore can be safely ignored. Unless it’s your business that’s losing money, of course, or your fish market that can’t stock oysters. Reality doesn’t care what Rush Limbaugh or the Heritage Foundation says. Look, Obamacare!!!

The Seductive Dream Of Standing Your Ground — Ta-Nehisi Coates on the impulse to violence. Not my life experience in the slightest, but still fascinating.

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[links] Link salad worries about its friends in the East

The Mammoth Book of Best New SF 25, edited by Gardner Dozois (book review).SF Crows Nest really doesn’t like my story “A Long Walk Home”.

Peanut Butter Takes On an Unlikely Best Friend — Um, maybe. (Thanks to Dad.)

SMBC on college football — Yep.

Why Apple’s reorganisation spells the unification of iOS and OS X — A prospect that does not please me, personally. I use and respect both OS’s, but they do different things.

Finding Ways to Delete Regrettable Posts from the InternetIt’s possible—though not always foolproof—to get embarrassing things taken down. Voluntary data-labeling standards could make it even easier. Ministry of Truth, Internet Division.

Vision evolved 700 million years ago — Warning, “facts” not valid for Young Earth Creationists and conservative science denialists.

Sandy’s Big Night — Orbital photography of the big storm.

Climate silence: It’s the right, stupid — I’m not sure I agree with the specifics of this analysis, but in general, he’s spot on. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

Climate models get smarter, but uncertainty just won’t go awayYou might expect the progress made during the intervening five years would greatly narrow the uncertainties since the last report. If so, get ready for disappointment. A pair of researchers from ETH Zurich has compared the results from AR4 with the ones that will be coming out in AR5, and they find that the uncertainties haven’t gone down much. And, somewhat ironically, they blame the improvements—as researchers are able to add more factors to their models, each new factor comes with its own uncertainties, which keeps the models from narrowing in on a value. Uncertainty is what happens when you rely on reality for your observations instead of ideology or faith. This, of course, will be seen by denialists as evidence for their crackpot views, as faith-based thinkers are trained to certainty rather than ambiguity. Meanwhile, the storm doesn’t discriminate by ideology, so conservatives may as well relax and enjoy God’s plan for them.

Changing evangelical responses to homosexuality — The problem with proclaiming moral absolutes is that it becomes very difficult to evolve your position. (Via Slacktivist Fred Clark.)

A Message from The Greatest Generation (NSFW) — An absolutely hilarious NSFW get out the vote video, from a liberal-progressive perspective.

Smoke-Free Laws Are Saving Lives — I grew up in the era when if you asked people to put out a cigarette, you were just as likely to be laughed at and have smoke blown in your face. It’s nice to see “smoker’s rights” finally dead and buried.

The predatory providence of ‘pro-life’ Richard Mourdock (part 2) — One again, the Republican party has amply demonstrated that Calvinism is a rot and stain on the soul of America.

Using the threat of cancer to promote chastity is not ‘pro-life’ — Nope, it’s a disgusting abuse of a serious problem and knowing bearing of False Witness. It’s amazing how many Bibles in America are misprinted without the Eighth Commandment.

Boston Globe endorses Barack Obama over former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney — How’s that for some hometown love?

Chris Christie Praises Obama For Hurricane Sandy Preparation — I’m sure by tomorrow the Romney campaign will have walked this back somehow.

Romney Ridiculed ‘Rising of Seas,’ Pledged Deep cuts to FEMA (Videos) — That’s conservative stewardship of the national interests right there. Remember the Bush administration’s response to Hurricane Katrina? Nah, neither do any likely Republican voters. I wonder if Federal aid for Sandy should be limited to Blue States. How would that fly with the Tea Party?

NSA Analyst Proves GOP Is Stealing Elections — Not that this is precisely news, given a number of public comments along the way from Diebold officials and others, and a stunning lack of judicial review of electronic voting irregularities. More like no one cares, not even Your Liberal Media. (Snurched from Steve Buchheit, who got it from Teresa Nielsen Hayden.)

Historians: Romney Makes Nixon Look Like An Open Book — So, do you think Your Liberal Media would have let Obama get away with withholding the tax returns? R. Money sure rode it out okay.

Romney Surrogate Reassures Ohio Voters: Mitt Won’t Repeal Roe v. Wade — This is what we call a “lie”. Which it is pretty much be definition, coming from the Romney campaign. Luckily for R. Money and the conservatives, likely Republican voters and undecideds apparently have the memory span of land snails, and Your Liberal Media is too polite to call this lie out for what it is, so this lie will stand in the mind of Ohio voters.

The Strength of Political Tribalism and the Weakness of Fusionisms

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