What music can mean

You know how sometimes a certain song gets associated with a certain mood or idea in your head? Years ago my friend Diane said that “Summer Breeze” was about how she imagined it felt to be married. I’ve never been able to listen to that song since without that in my head.

Well, today I was having chicken strips down the street at Paola’s and “Baker Street” came on the radio — Gerry Rafferty, from City to City, I think. I must have been 15 or so when I first heard that song, and always thought it was about what it meant to be an adult. All the things you’d have to give up to get on in the world, the compromises that eroded your hopes and dreams and finally, your dignity. (I was a pretty depressive kid, fyi.)

So I’m listening to this song, and thinking, “yeah, that’s what the song’s about, but it’s not what life’s about.” Remembering that sense I’d had 25 years ago, and realizing how wrong I was about hopes and dreams and dignity in the adult world — it was a tiny little epiphanic moment there in the bar. Life is good, and I am a happy, lucky man.