Jay Lake’s RadCon Schedule, as Threatened

Jay Lake’s RadCon Schedule

Friday, February 18th

3 pm — Using People to Make Characters (moderator)
4 pm — Writers’ Workshop (closed)
6 pm — Alternative Paths to Publishing (moderator)
7 pm — Opening Ceremonies (in which I allegedly have a role)
Midnight — Reading

Saturday, February 19th

9 am — Critique Groups
11 am — The Value of Reviews and Reviewing
1 pm — Autograph Session
2 pm — How a Story Goes Through the Slush Pile (moderator)
10 pm — Writing With Illustrators
11 pm — On Being a John W. Campbell Award Winner

Plus! as a special, unadvertised attraction, the inestimable Frank Wu will be hanging out with me as we work on our BayCon joint GoH material!