Minty RadCon Goodness

Being a con report, of sorts, concering RadCon.

I spent the weekend at RadCon with the Child, my mother, Frank Wu, , , and a host of other worthies, including Joe and Gay Haldeman and Toni Weisskopf. It’s mostly a blur now, thanks to my fourteen hours of programming between 3 pm Friday and midnight Saturday, but it was a fun blur. Highlights included me getting the room full of folks at opening ceremonies singing “Ring Around the Rosie” while Joe Haldeman, John Dalmas, the Child and others danced around a troupe of belly dancers, along with various other low-grade hijinx. Frank and I plotted mischief for BayCon, where we will be GoHs later this spring, and for RadCon in 2006, where we will again be GoHs together. (Yes, that’s news.)

Late Saturday night, at the Baen party, Bob Brown of RadCon presented me with this trophy:

Super Trooper Trophy from RadCon

It honors me as the pro with the largest number of programming hours, who also didn’t whine about it.

They’re a great bunch at RadCon. Heh. I highly recommend it if you’re within screaming distance of the Pacific Northwest.

Tired me, now, but one last thing to report…driving home from RadCon this afternoon, taking Mr. Wu to the airport, he asked the Child who was the best writer in the whole world. “Jay Lake of course,” she said. He then asked her who the best artist in the whole world was. “Frank Wu.”

Am I raising that kid right or what?

Manana, y’all.