Roundup of miscellaneous activities

Another day in the marketing mines today, with a nice BBQ lunch at Big Daddy’s with my mom, my sister and my niece. Took the Child to my mom’s for dinner — S (my mom) has just taken a class in wok cooking and wanted to deploy her newfound skills on sundry folk. We picked up E on the way, a family friend who’s an octogenarian radical Rotarian librarian who can’t drive on account of bad knees since about 1964. Food was delish, and S gave the Child one of those wooden puzzles of the 50 states. Dropped E off, and drove home under a Maxfield Parrish sky — the weather here in Portland has been spectacular this week, intense rain bands alternating with intense sun, all quite cool and pleasant.

Arriving home, the Child discovered the Ohio and Vermont/New Hampshire pieces missing from her puzzle. Various efforts at car searching and seat diving led to the inescapable conclusion that the rogue states had sheltered deep under the Genre car’s back seat. So off to the toolbox for the socket set, and I impressed the Child mightily by dismounting the bench of the rear seat, whereupon we found about eight bazillion gum wrappers, $0.26 in change, a lot of cashews, and the missing puzzle pieces. I remounted the seat, then spent some time explaining to the Child what a socket wrench is, how it works, and why a person might want to use it as opposed to a crescent wrench or needle nosed pliers (both of which she is familiar with already).

The Child and I are off at the crack of dawn tomorrow for a long daytrip with S to the Painted Hills, in central Oregon. This promises to be a stunning outing, and the camera will be in use. We’re taking the Senior Upstairs Tenant’s new car, the Scion xB that the monks have taken to calling the Yellow Submarine, so if we get stranded in the high desert, we will be easy to spot from the air. Should be a nice day. Hopefully no more seat deinstallations will be called for.

That’s all I can think of. Well, Sunday I’m going to finish cleaning my office (some of you know what level of commitment that entails), and S and I are going to power-wash E’s driveway and porch of this past year’s moss and leaf mould so she and her crutches can safely get in and out.

Oh, and don’t forget JayCon 5. Saturday, June 11th, 1-5 pm (with afters) at Old Town Pizza in NW Portland.