Photos of the jetty at Nahcotta, WA

Some photos of the oyster fishing jetty at Nahcotta, WA…

Mudflats South of Jetty Mudflats South of Jetty
Those are foundation posts, perhaps for some old oyster cannery or processing plant.
Oyster Shells Oyster Shells
There are entire dunes and beaches of oysters in the area.
Piling Piling
Part of a complex of pilings beyond the end of the current dock.
Jetty Dogleg Jetty Dogleg
Looking at the dogleg of the jetty, with yet more eroded pilings.
A Forest of Pilings A Forest of Pilings
A forest of pilings, where something fairly large once stood.
Dock Detail Dock Detail
Detail of stranded, decaying dock segment.
Dock Detail No. 2 Dock Detail No. 2
More of the stranded dock segment.
Dock Detail No. 3 Dock Detail No. 3
A wider view of the dock segment, looking north toward the mouth of Willapa Bay. The point in the distance is the bulge around Oysterville — another couple of miles north is Leadbetter Point and the Pacific Ocean.