Slight change of plans

Now flying home on Saturday morning through Chicago. This gets me into the air travel system before the hurricane shuts down important portions thereof, and avoids the Dallas connection I had originally been scheduled to make on Sunday.

Of course, even though the local news in Dallas is telling people the airport will be shutting down this weekend due to weather, American Airlines hasn’t yet declared a weather emergency, so I have to pay to make the change. And of course in the middle of making the change my call got dropped. So when I called back and started over, the fare differential for the flight I was being rebooked on went from $100 (ie, change fee alone) to $319. $219 for a dropped call, in other words, because the second reservation agent swore what the first reservation agent told me wasn’t true.

I just want to get home…

PS – Just to add to my joy, my Treo 650 has been randomly shutting down and rebooting, usually when I try to answer or dial the phone. Yes, I loaded the latest firmware update. No, this hasn’t helped. And I lost my entire address book. Luckily I had a backup.