A bit more on the Otis Cafe

Anent my earlier mention of the Otis Cafe, it’s in Otis Junction, OR, on OR-18 right before it hits US-101 north of Lincoln City. [ map ] That makes it about two hours out of Portland.

The place has about six tables, and usually a line out the door. All day breakfast, with a shifting lunch and dinner menu, and what appear to be some seriously magnum pies. To go to the restroom you have to walk through the kitchen and into the bakery/prep area. That’s worth the trip alone. Everything there is made by hand from scratch, including baking all their own breads. Their German potatoes (no idea why the name, btw) are excellent. This is a greasy spoon/roadhouse of the first water, of the sort I’ve rarely encountered in recent years, and I can’t recommend it enough.