Sometimes you’re the windshield, sometimes you’re the wiper

There’s no pleasing some people. And by “some people” I mean me.

Got another 2,900 words written between DFW and OMA. Given all the lagging around time when I can’t be using my approved portable electronic device at taxi-out, take-off, ascent, final approach, tanding and taxi-in, that’s about 1hr-15m writing time, tops. Not bad throughput.

Take as read my usual rant about the subglacial pace of the American Airlines luggage claim in Omaha. Nobody cares about that, least of all American Airlines. Three guys and a dog could offload that plane faster than their ramp staff apparently can. It’s chronic, both here and at PDX. I know from flying Southwest and Alaska Airlines both that passengers do not need to spend half an hour loitering in luggage claim to receive their bags. (And one doesn’t even *get* to luggage claim for quite some time if one was not sitting at the front of the plane.) American has never gotten the memo, clearly.

Then Hertz upgraded me to a Toyota Highlander, full time 4WD SUV. Apparently I devolved into Yuppie scum without noticing. This isn’t so hot, really, because if I show up at work driving anything more than a high-grade than typical Business Guy Taurus class rental car, I get pointed comments about my expense report. I can park in the back lot, but it’s still likely to be noticed and I have to walk through a part of the building leased by another company.

Then my hotel upgraded me to a king single. When travelling alone, I need a king sized bed about as badly as I need a walk-in cigar humidor. I use the OTHER queen bed in my usual room as a luggage stand, place to arrange my wardrobe and general overflow flat surface. Bleh.

I know. Bitch, bitch, bitch.

I decided to come up Dodge from the airport instead of going to the outer loop and around — my hotel is just off 120th & Blondo, so that’s very nearly a straight shot. While I made it from 12th & Dodge to 96th & Blondo without hitting a red light, the screwing around I had to endure to get from Abbot Drive to Dodge in the first place pretty much negated any drive time advantage. Back to the outer loop for me, especially when factoring in any significant traffic at all on Dodge.

At any rate, I think I’ll get another hour or two of writing in tonight before I crash and burn. Watch for a final update on that topic, now that I’ve got the kvetching out of my system.