Misc Updatery Watches the Failing Light Illuminate the Mercenary’s Creed

Another day in God’s country. Well, it would be God’s country, but we won’t give it back to Him.

Lunch at Bread and Ink Cafe with and the Child, prior to Dojump. I had a rather nice lemon-asparagus risotto with marjoram, followed by a truly divine apple crisp. The Child had a hamburger, which I ate several bites of. Now, I went off burgers last August or so. Maybe eaten two since then. I love them, but the demands of a middle-aged gastrointestinal tract required it. So my judgment is suspect, but by gummies, I do believe it was one of the best burgers I’ve ever tasted. One of these days I’ll go back and order it with the optional gruyere cheese which the Child omitted.

Going to Salvador Molly’s to get takeout for dinner for the Child, myself and , Silly Wizard’s “Queen of Argyle” was playing on NPR. I swear I kept hearing the chorus as “All the hoses in the garden / they all would ask her pardon / for not one could match the beauty / of the Queen of all Argyle.” The weird part is it took me a couple of reps to realize I was mishearing it. I thought it made sense.

Update: Had a deep-fried chicken tamale, btw. First time I’ve ever eaten one of those. Quite tasty.

Coming back with food in the car, I saw the sun setting over the Tualatin Valley. There was a strange quality to the light, flat and artificial as if the Reality Gnomes had substituted a stage set while they tinkered with old Sol. The Coastals were a purple silhouette, the sky was a dirty green color, while long cloud banks were a muted canteloup. Everything was under a muted wash.

Not enough writing done today, but some. More tonight, maybe. Tomorrow the Child and I are planning to go hiking, as well if she’s up to it on the backside of her dreadful cold.