Authorial intent

Minipost now with more to follow, almost certainly. I’m still tugging on that genre device thing, the one I tried to reapproach through the not-so-popular analysis of naturalistic fiction and the conditions of narrative. Authorial intent seems to keep resurfacing in the discussion, mostly by implication. So now I am thinking on this spectrum:

1) Does authorial intent determine the nature of the work?
2) Does authorial intent (legitimately) influence the reader’s experience of the work?
3) Is authorial intent even relevant at all to the reader’s experience of the work?

In other words, is Rocket Science SF because I said it was, because I suggested it was, or because the reader thought it was?

I am well aware this is a situationalist sandtrap of Saharan proportions, but right now most of the roads of thought seem to lead there.