“The face of today is just a scalpel away…”

In other news, was all about the reading again today. Anticipating this little issue after yesterday’s experience, I embarked upon my writing-related program activities quite a bit earlier than normal, and fit them around her schedule. As I’ve told her, this process of solidfying her reading skills is the most important thing in our lives right now. Got a couple of edits done to existing short work, farked around briefly with the Night Shade boys on Trial of Flowers, wrote the introduction to ‘s upcoming medium opus, “Last Flight of the Goddess” from Fairwood Press.

Meeting with on Monday to map out the ToC for The River Knows Its Own, which will be released at RadCon 4C next February. I need to get that nailed down before I drop into Stemwinder, ’cause I’ll be useless for anything else whilst I’m drafting that puppy, which I plan to do after I return from Foolscap. So, for example, if I want to cut a few new stories for River, I kind of have to do it, like, well, now.

I might post more on the novel meme tomorrow, expanding my prior comments on “novel bubbles” and “book soup.” Down in the plumbing of the process. The cloakroom of ideas is a pretty crowded place these days.