“God rolled up in a long black car, took a drag on a fat cigar…”

Sunday has come and gone. After oversleeping, I did more stable sweeping. and I made a run to the airport post office with the last of the CPB books to transship, then over to ‘s house for a while. Did guy stuff, burped and farted and so on, then came home to Rancho Lake to attend to matters editorial and various writing related program activities. A bit more furniture moving back at ‘s place, then I spent the evening on additional writing related program activities, plus some time perusing the archives at the Girl Genius Online Web site — something I was reminded of by a post in the group. Highly recommended by me, if you have the least bit of interest in steampunk, faux Victoriana, comics or Phil Foglio.

Back to work tomorrow, short week as I’m off to the North Coast Redwoods conference with on Friday morning.