[writing] The name game

Freakonomics has a post about parents giving their children distinctive names in part to improve their future accessibility in seach engines. Not sure I believe it, but that’s an interesting notion.

Likewise, Bob Silverberg once said to me as we sat together at a book signing table, “You’re lucky, kid. You only have seven letters in your name.”

I have a name which is very easy to hear, spell and remember, yet unusual to the point of distinctive at the same time. (I have literally never met another “Jay Lake” in my life, and can only find about six other people with my name on the Internet.) You can find me in Google, on Amazon, at the bookstore or at the library with a minimum of fuss. I wonder how much impact that has had on my ability to build readership? If you’re a working author, what’s your experience of the impact of your name, as a name?